5 Natural Ways To Handle Menstrual Pain

Natural Ways To Handle Menstrual Pain


! We know periods are necessary for ovulation and all of that, but do they have to be so painful? The pain from menstruation is probably what made medieval women call their periods “The Curse.” But it doesn’t have to be a curse for you. Many women use pain killers to deal with the pain, but nature has answers too. If you want to cure menstrual pain the way, here are some remedies you can try.

Apply heat
You get menstrual pain because your muscles are contracting, and that’s why applying heat is necessary. Heat improves blood flow by opening up your blood vessels and this reduces the pain. Get a hot water bottle and place it on your back or abdomen for relief. Also try to bathe with hot water during this period to help soothe your muscles.

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Yes we know you really don’t want to be jumping about while you’re on your period, but it helps. Light aerobic exercise reduces pain because it improves blood flow and stretches out your muscles. You can try walking or doing yoga; both are great exercises and don’t require too much effort. In this case, the earlier you start exercising, the better. And we all know we should be working out 3-5 times a week. Try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Take Vitamin D
Taking Vitamin D days before your period will prevent menstrual pain, science has shown. Start taking the vitamin five days before your period to get the best results. Or better yet, add Vitamin D to your daily supplement intake. Prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait for the pain to arrive before doing something it. Take that Vitamin D now!

Drink Cocoa
Drink raw cocoa to ease menstrual pain. It’s not super pleasant on the tongue but it’s much more fun than cramps, trust us on that. Cocoa contains antioxidants and also relaxes the muscles which leads to a reduction in pain. It’s also a natural mood elevator so drinking it might make you nicer when you’re on.

Eat Healthy
Eating junk on a normal day is bad enough, but when you’re on your period? That’s just looking for trouble. The food you eat contributes to how you feel, so if you want to feel good, then eat good. During your period, avoid fatty foods, alcohol and soda. Instead, drink herbal teas or hot water flavored with lemon. You can also snack on fruits.

Don’t like using sanitary pads? Then why don’t you try a menstrual cup?

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