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Have you been longing to know how much First City Monument Bank employees get every month? Well, this post will show you the existing structure of the FCMB wage.

It is very important for those with the intention of working in the banking sector to know how much to expect from the bank with whom you wish to work. In most cases, you could also come across questions like “How much do you plan to receive as your salary during the interview session?” ”.

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This alone is a sufficient explanation why you should recognize the salary structure so that you can reply in line with their salary Structure.

FCMB is among  the top ten (10) highest paying banks in Nigeria as of today. The bank pays its workers well, relative to most of the banking sector’s leading banks.

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The FCMB’s Short History

FCMB was founded in 1977 as City Securities Ltd., which is an acronym for First City Monument Bank. The bank became a licensed firm in the year 1982 (April 20th to be precise) and came up with the name First City Merchant Bank.

After a few years, due to some upgrades in the banking firm, the Merchant in his name was then changed to Monument around 2001.

The Salary Structure for the FCMB (

The First City Monument Bank’s wage structure would be classified on the basis of the positions/level of workers employed with the bank. The different levels and what they earn on a monthly basis are below;

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1. Graduate Trainee

You barely come across a banking firm that doesn’t have graduate trainee working with them. It is so compulsory to train any graduate that intend working with a particular bank, as they need to be exposed to the dealings in the sector.

For FCMB, their graduate trainee are being trained for a duration of four (4) months, while they receive the sum of forty six thousand naira (₦46,000) on monthly basis.

2. Contract Staff

Those that falls under this category also receive an attractive pay from the bank, and the kind of persons that work as contract Staff include; Corp members of the NYSC scheme, students running internship program, and also individuals who have the passion to work in the sector but with limited knowledge.

These persons are being paid within Fifty eight thousand naira (₦58,000) to Sixty three thousand naira (₦63,000) as their monthly pay.

3. Entry-Level

This is the first level of the major staff, and they are assign with basic tasks. Successful trainees will qualify to work at this level, and benefit the increment in their salary. Staff working in this category receives One hundred and fifteen thousand naira (N115,000), as their monthly pay.

4. Customer care Service Representative

Those working as customer care representative are paid within One hundred and fourteen thousand naira (₦114,000) to One hundred and twenty four thousand naira (₦124,000) on monthly basis.

5. Relationship Officer

Those working under this portfolio receives two hundred and sixty-seven thousand naira (₦267,000) to two hundred and ninety thousand naira (₦290,000) as their monthly salary.

6. Loan Officers

Those working as loan officers in FCMB are paid five hundred and forty-one thousand naira (₦541,000) every month.

7. Credit Analysts

For you to work as a credit analysts in any banking firm, you must have accumulated enough experience, and also be able to work under pressure. Those working in this office receives the sum of three hundred and twenty thousand naira (N320,000) monthly.

8. Marketers

Marketers in FCMB are paid within Thirty eight thousand naira (N38,000) to Forty five thousand naira (N45,000) every month.

9. Branch Manager

This is the highest position, and aside the attractive allowances the branch manager gets, the main salary he/she receives on monthly basis is six hundred and ninety thousand naira (N690,000) (N690,000).

It is our pleasure to also let you know that the location of the branch also matters, as it plays a vital role when it comes to the payment staff receives. But the basic salary is what we have been able to draft out in this very post.

Hopefully, you have gotten the necessary information about the salary structure of the bank FCMB. You can explore our site for similar posts, and as well share with others.

  1. Cleaners : Those working in FCMB as cleaner are also well paid. According to a reliable information at our disposal. They are being paid within Fifty eight thousand naira (₦58,000) to Sixty three thousand naira (₦63,000) as their monthly pay.

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