Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020

Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020

Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020  • Nigerian Navy aptitude take a look at format • DSS Aptitude Test Past questions • DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF • Navy recruitment take a look at questions

Ejes Gist Media  will present you the whole Nigerian Navy recruitment examination previous questions & solutions. You should be aware that different web site promote their previous questions and solutions,  however being a Graduate pleasant web site, you may entry all our previous questions and solutions totally free.

Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020

The Nigerian Navy recruitment previous questions & solutions contains of English, Maths, and General information. Check beneath;

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1) A labourer is paid N5,400:00k monthly. What is his complete wage in 1 3/4years?
A. N113,40:00
B. N64,800:00
C. N97,200:00
D. N129,600:00 ANS A
2) Which of the next will sink when positioned on water?
B. Plastic Cup
C. Balloon
3) The following are home birds besides
D. Vulture
4) A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a revenue of 20%. Find the precise value and the promoting value?
A. i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k
B. i = 60k, ii = N4.40k
C. i = 80k, ii = N4.80k
D. i = 50k, ii = N4.50k
5) A person buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the share loss?
6) The title of the normal ruler of Benin is called______
7) Which of those just isn’t a way of stopping iron from rusting?
A. Lubrication
B. Galvanization
C. Melting
D. Painting
8) Which of the next just isn’t a rainbow color?
9) An individual who flies an plane is called______
A. A captain
B. A craftologist
C. A pilot
D.  An aeronautics engineer
10) Kwame Nkrumah Museum is situated in______
A. Tanzania
B.  Kenya
C.  Mauritania
D.  Ghana
11) An instance of confluence city in Nigeria is_____
D. PortHarcout ANS C
12) A educated particular person that makes a speciality of the remedy of illnesses and problems of the tooth is called______
A. Cardiologist
B. Dermatologist
C. Physician
D. Dentist
13) A bricklayer is Paid N1000:00k for 5days work. What is his pay for 22days work?
A. N22,000:00k
B. N50,000:00k
C. N4,400:00k
D. N5,000:00k
14) In parliamentary system of presidency, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the home to their_______
A. Local authorities chairman and governors
B. Constituencies
C. Political parties and social gathering stalwarts
D. Traditional rulers
15. One important responsibility of a citizen to his/her state is to_____
A. Vote and assist the federal government in energy
B. Recite the nationwide anthem and the pledge
C. Pay his tax
D. Encourage different residents to be loyal
16) Under whose regime had been Delta and Adamawa States created?
A. Gen Sanni Abacha
B. Gen yakubu Gowon
C. Gen Murtala Muhammed
D. Gen Ibrahim Babangida Answer: D
17) The physique charged with the accountability of regulating and defending customers towards illicit meals and medicines in Nigeria
A. Consumer safety council
B. Standard Organization of Nigeria
C. National Drug Law Enforcement company
D. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control
18) The senate president in the course of the second republic was______
A. Dr. Joseph Wayas
B. Senator Anyim Pius Anyim
C. Senator Iyorchia Ayu
D. Chief Adopous Wabara
19) We eat Carbohydrate meals to present us______
B. Good sight
C. Good tooth
D. Strong bones
20) President Barrack Obama is the_____ president of the United States of America and first
African-American president of U.S.
21) A big space of water surrounded by land is called______
B. An Island
C. An Is berg
22. A written piece of paper which signifies that items purchased and providers rendered have been paid for is called_____
A. An Invoice
B. A receipt
C. A wage invoice
D. A commerce doc
23) The system for stepping up or down electrical energy voltage on transmission line is called_______
A. Electricity meter
B. Transmission station
C. Transformer
D. Step-down panel
24) The main uncooked materials for pottery is______
B. Ceramics
25) If the whole gross sales for a bag store in a sure year had been #150, 000 What had been gross sales in July, if July gross sales had been half the month-to-month common?
B.  #8,650
C. #12,500
26) In UITH, Dr Steve has labored extra evening shift than Dr. Greg who has labored 5 evening shifts. Dr
Okon has labored fifteen evening shifts greater than Dr. Steve and Dr. Greg mixed. Dr. Uche has labored eight evening shifts lower than Dr. Steve. How many evening shifts has Dr, Steve labored?
27) At a basket match, Roland was sitting in seat 356. Peter on the correct of Roland in seat 355. Samuel was on the left of Roland. Samson was by the left of Samuel. Which seat is Samson sitting?
28) While making ready for the AIRFOCE aptitude take a look at, Felix learn by way of pages 35 to 78 and 102 to 127 of an English textual content guide. How many pages did he learn altogether?
29) How many numbers between 1 and 60 begins or finish with 5
30) A researcher carried out within the laboratory confirmed that 55% rats died of liver dysfunction when uncovered to sulphur dioxide however 96% of rats who died of liver dysfunction weren’t uncovered to sulphur dioxide. This implies that,
A. Small portion of studied rats was uncovered to Sulphur dioxide
B. There is just one reason behind deadly liver illness in rats
C. Sulphur dioxide just isn’t significantly harmful to theliver of rats
D. Most rats is not going to undergo from publicity to low degree of Sulphur dioxide.
31) Three people witnessed a woman who was robbed in a cyber café and so they had been requested to explain the mugger. Which of the next best described the mugger?
A. He was tall, of common weight and middle-aged
B. He was tall, skinny and younger
C. He was common top, skinny and middle-aged
D. He was tall, skinny and middle-aged
32) If 15 cans of meals are wanted for seven adults for 2 days, the variety of cans wanted to feed 4 adults for seven days is?
33) Which one of many following key methods is critical for all of the others to be efficient?
A. Communication
B. Teamwork
C. Leadership
D. Technical know-howANS A
34) How many Lunar months make one year
35) Two-third of a category handed English Language as a topic. The variety of college students who failed English Language will likely be?
36) “My Heart Jumped into my mouth” What is the that means of the above statement?
A. To be confused
B. To be hungry
C. To be afraid
D. To be discouraged
37) It was Friday on Jan 1, 2010. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2011?
B. Wednesday
C. Thursday
D. Saturday
38) Today is Monday. After 63 days, it will likely be:
A. Wednesday
C. Tuesday
D. Saturday
39) At 10% low cost, an merchandise valued at N45000 now price
40) In which nation is mississippi river
B. Argentina
D. Canada.

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41) On a highway map, a line phase of 4 inches lengthy represents a disdance of 12 miles. How many miles lengthy is 4.5 inches.
42) The breath and lenth of a rectangle are L and 2L respectively. what’s the perimeter of the rectangle?
43) The place the place water is discovered within the desert is named
44) Which of the next has the very best inhabitants on this planet
45) The scientific manner of referring to the exercise of the ear is
A. Audio visible
D. Chemoreceptor
46) The higher legislative arm of presidency in nigeria is headed by
A. Speaker
B. President
D. Secretary
47) The degree of hotness and coldness of a spot is named
A. Rainfall
B. Humidity
C. Temperature
D. Weather
48) A spot the place two Rivers meet is named
A. Confluence
B. Junction
49.The major source of power is named
A. Sunlight
50) The first color of the rainbow is named
Note: We produce other three previous papers for Nigerian Navy recruitment.

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Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020

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Free download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers 2020   • Nigerian Navy aptitude take a look at format • DSS Aptitude Test Past questions • DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF • Navy recruitment take a look at questions

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