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This page contains the most comprehensive instructions for resolving the “No Record Found” error on the NYSC Senate List.

When Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) try to verify their names on the Senate list uploaded by their Institution on the NYSC portal, they get an error message that says, “No Record Found.” For confirmation of the approved list, contact your school.”

This can be aggravating, especially when other PCMs’ names have begun to appear on the Senate List and online registration is underway, but you are unable to register.

There was panic among those who had not seen their names on the list during this time.

This can be made worse when other people who graduated from the same institution as you have seen their names, but yours continues to say “No record found,” as if your village people are following you.

Before we continue, please check your name on the NYSC graduation list by clicking here.

So, in this article, I’ll show you how to solve the “No Record Found” problem on the NYSC Senate list in the most effective way possible.

Please click here to see if your name appears on the Senate list by following the official NYSC guide.

How to Fix the “No Record Found” Problem on the NYSC Senate List

The steps to solve the problem of No record found on the NYSC Senate list are outlined below.

1. Double-check that you’ve entered your correct Matriculation Number.

This is a common blunder made by prospective Corps members. Your Matriculation Number must be entered in the correct format for your school. Various schools use various formats, such as 2011554020, 2011/5540/020, Esut/2011/020, and so on.

As a result, it’s up to you to figure out what format your school’s matriculation number should be written in.

Also, keep in mind that your matriculation number is not the same as your JAMB registration number; some PCMs make this mistake.

Your Matriculation number is a personal identification number given to you by your school after you were admitted as a student.


2. Your surname must be spelt correctly.

Some people believe that because their name was misspelled on JAMB, it will be corrected by entering or writing the correct spellings when submitting their name to their school.

Unless you applied for a change of name through JAMB, the Surname used in JAMB will most likely be used to upload your name.

3. Replace your surname with your first name.

If your surname isn’t working, try substituting your first name in place of your surname, as your school may be using your surname and other names interchangeably.

When checking your name on the Senate list, try using all of your other surnames to see if any of them will work.

4. Make sure your date of birth is correct.

Check to see if your date of birth is correct. It’s amusing how some students can change their date of birth while still in school by simply writing whatever they want. They have forgotten about the one they gave to JAMB now that they have graduated. Please try to recall and enter your date of birth as it appeared on your JAMB application.

Note: If the “year” dialogue box on the NYSC portal does not ‘click’ when you click it to enter your year of birth, leave it that way and click the “Search” button after you have entered other details.

5. Contact your school.

If you try the four suggestions above and still get “No record found…”, contact your school to inquire about the status of the senate list.

If they say they haven’t submitted, don’t worry about it; just wait patiently until they do.

However, if they stated that they had submitted or if some members of your school have already seen their names on the list, use the solution number 6 below.

6. Go to the NYSC registration portal and see if you can register online:

If online registration has begun, go to the NYSC registration portal and see if you can register.

The reason for this is that your name may have been uploaded to the portal by your school, but due to glitches in the NYSC system, you keep getting “No record found…”

So, if you go ahead and register and it goes through or allows you to register without stopping you with a message like “Your Institution has not fulfilled the mandatory document requirements” or something similar, just smile and keep going.

If it stops you again, relax and wait for your school’s senate list to be uploaded. DO NOT BE CONCERNED; they will undoubtedly upload it. To put it another way;


If you try to register online and your information appears, go ahead and register instead of worrying about the Senate List. If you are unable to register online, please contact the Directorate of Students’ Affairs at your school.

Check your name on the NYSC senate list submitted by your institution using the proper procedures.

We’ll walk you through the steps to check your name on the Senate List in this section.

This post will show you how to check/verify your name on the NYSC Senate List for all batches and institutions.

It is critical that your name and details appear on the NYSC Senate List, as you will not be able to register online at the NYSC portal if they do not.

However, if your name and information are found on the Senate list, and the’status’ column displays a message like “you can now proceed to register online” or something similar, you can proceed to register online. It indicates that your institution successfully forwarded your information to the NYSC and that you have met all other requirements.

Easy Steps on How to verify your name on the Senate List

  1.  Go to the Senate List Portal on the NYSC website.
  2.  Go to the “Important Information” section and scroll down.
  3. Select “Check Senate List or its Equivalents” from the drop-down menu.
  4.  Select name of your institution.
  5.  Put your Matriculation Number in the box.
  6. Type in your D. O. B.
  7. Press the “Submit” button.

Please check the “status column” if you see your name and other details to see if you are eligible to register online when the NYSC portal opens.

If you get the message “No record found, contact your institution,” it means your name hasn’t been forwarded to NYSC yet.

Thank you for reading; please spread the word so that others can benefit.

Difference between Senate list and graduation list.

The graduation list is the list of those that have graduated whiles Senate list is the list of those that have graduated and Approved for NYSC Registration.

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