1. Good evening sir
    Please is the form still out, if I may ask can I still continue with my registration since the deadline is on the 31 of July. Have already started with it

  2. Please sir I don’t have first school leaving certificate but I have the testimonial and computer sheet…. Can I still apply?

  3. Good evening sir,
    I thought that our password is our vcode, have been trying to register it but it saying invalid password.
    Please do we still need to create another password?

  4. I have being trying to get the portal to sign up but I can’t. Any link I click takes me back to the homepage. It only shows me to log in

  5. Good morning sir
    Please have been trying to do my online registration since last week but since then have not been able to receive my vcode. Please what can I do?

  6. Good day sir I have apply but am confused ,have seen my registration no, seat no, and serial no but on the statement of application is were am confused sir . it shows that Nigeria immigration service will not be pursuing your candidacy …..sir

  7. Good day please I can’t see any vcode on my email, how do I continue without it because I have been waiting since but no vcode

  8. I have someone who wants to apply. he has interest in the job also a graduate but the course he studied not stated in the requirement can he/she apply.

  9. Pls what’s the website to log into the portal for registration? I can’t seem to find any here… pls someone should help

  10. Please which position can someone with National Diploma in Quantity survey, and have worked as Data entry Operator,


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