I Took My Son To London To School So He Can Rattle English Just Like Akufo Addo- Gaises.


    The founder and chief of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisei has revealed that he actually admires President particularly the best way he’s very fluent within the English Language

    According to him, he despatched his son to the UK so he might converse ceaselessly and acquire command of the English language identical to the Queen


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    β€œI am a fan of Nana Addo. I love the way he speaks English. I took my son to London because of Nana Addo. I want my son to speak and rattle English just like him. He doesnt speak, He rattles the English and I love his confidence. He speaks elitist and spotless English. So I love President Akufo Addo and I pray for him. I even fasted for him during his birthday 6 to 12.”

    I took my



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