Confirmed Ways on How to Get Canada Visa In Nigeria Without Stress


Here are the Proven methods on —  In recent years, Canada has become one of the most popular tourist, industry, and immigration destinations in the world. This is thought to be due to the country’s liberal culture, strong and vibrant economy, and mature and progressive educational system.

Thousands of Nigerians visit the Canadian embassy every year in the hopes of being granted a visa to visit or move to Canada. We’ll look at how to apply for a Canada visa in Nigeria in this article. Also Read How To Apply For Spain Visa from Nigeria ( Simple Guide )

This Post will Answer the following Questions;

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Confirmed Ways to Get Canada Visa In Nigeria

Form IMM5257 is used to travel to Canada. This is the application form for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to enter Canada for business, tourism, or family purposes.


Individuals planning to visit Canada must obtain a TRV before leaving their home country. The Canadian Visa Office issues a TRV, which is an official document.

What are the Canadian visa requirements for Nigerian Citizens ? 

To be eligible for a TRV, the applicant must demonstrate to the Immigration Officer that they meet the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act’s criteria (IRPA). Individuals must also meet the following requirements:

  • Be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record.
  • They must satisfy the officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their stay and that they are not a security threat.
  • Stay in good health (medical examination is required)

What are the Steps to on how to apply for Canada visa in Nigeria with Stress? 

The Steps to follow while applying for Canada Visa in Nigeria without stress and risk are as follows;

Step 1: On the IRPA website, the applicant should read the visa application requirements and download the application form, as well as review the appropriate documents for the visa purpose.


Step 2: Complete Forms can be printed on white, non-glossy bond paper using a laser printer.

The applicant must ensure that the 2D barcode is printed on high-quality paper and is legible. Please note that forms that have been downloaded and/or handwritten will not be considered.

Applicants who are unable to complete a paper application on their own and need assistance can use VFS Global’s Assisted Service Paper Application, which is available at the visa application centre for a fee.

Both biometric and non-biometric applicants may use the service.

For supported service paper applications, all applicants must insert a current passport copy and complete a Visa Application Centre consent form.


Step 3 : Payment of the Visa Application Fee is the third step. This is paid through an invoice produced from the immigration office’s website.

Step 4: If biometric identification is not needed, the applicant should go to their local Canadian passport office and request the necessary documentation.

How to Get Canada Visa In Nigeria

Step 5: The applicant must then show his or her documentation to the officer in charge during the interview.

The E-Application is the other kind of Visa Application.

This approach necessitates the applicant logging in to the embassy’s website, filling out required paperwork, and uploading required supporting documents.

All correspondence with IRPA is conducted via email, and successful applicants are encouraged to send their passport requests via a Passport Request Letter.

The applicant must apply using  his or her original passport, current passport copy, and passport request letter to the visa application centre after receiving the letter.

Kick Start Your Application here  apply for a visa online.


Before you apply, answer a few questions to find out what you need to travel to Canada.

If you already have a valid Canadian visitor visa you don’t need to apply for an eTA – even if you’re eligible for an eTA. You can travel with your visa until it expires.

If you apply for an initial work or study permit before you travel to Canada, you’ll get a visa or an eTA automatically once your work or study permit application is approved. You don’t need to apply for a visa or an eTA, or pay extra fees.

  • If we issue you a visa, we’ll stick in your passport.
  • If we issue you an eTA, your eTA number will be included in the letter of introduction we will send you when your study or work permit is approved. Keep this number in case you need to contact us about your eTA.

My application for a visitor visa was refused. Should I apply again?

No. If your application was refused, applying again with the same information, even with an immigration or travel agent, will not change this decision.

Your application may be refused because:

  • the official deciding your case has reason to believe you’ll stay in Canada beyond your authorized stay
  • you’re inadmissible to Canada

Applying a second time will not change this decision. It will only cost you more money and increase processing times for other applicants. However, if your situation changes, you may apply again with your new information.

Examples of your situation changing include:

  • you’ve applied for criminal rehabilitation and were approved
  • you’re eligible for deemed rehabilitation
  • you’re inadmissible but are applying for a temporary resident permit
  • you were inadmissible for medical reasons, but those reasons have since changed

Hiring an immigration representative doesn’t increase your chances of being accepted

Hiring an immigration representative also won’t change any previous decision on your application.

If anyone tells you you’ll have a better chance on your second application because they’re representing you, they’re not being truthful and are likely looking to take your money.

Learn how to choose a representative, and how to recognize common immigration scams.

I am currently living in or visiting a country that I am not a citizen of. Can I apply for a visitor visa at the local visa office?

If you are applying on paper we recommend that you apply for a visa from your home country. However, if you are legally admitted to the country you are currently in, you can apply at your nearest visa application centre (VAC). The VAC can help make sure your application is complete and that all proper documentation is included. You must state clearly on your application why you have not applied in your normal country of residence.


Do I need to apply for both a visitor visa and an eTA?

No. If you plan to travel to Canada, you need a valid visitor visa OR a valid eTA.

The one you need depends on:

  • the type of travel document you will travel with;
  • the country that issued your travel document;
  • your nationality; and
  • how you will travel to Canada.

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