Zule Zoo of Africa Michael Aboh is dead

Mike Aboh of Zule Zoo of Africa is dead

Michael Aboh of Zule Zoo of Africa is dead.

Michael Tertsea Aboh, a member of the popular music group, has died, according to reports.

Michael died on Saturday morning in Markurdi, the capital of Benue state in Nigeria’s middle belt, according to his colleague Hassan Ibrahim, commonly known as Ibro, who posted the news on the internet.

Michael Aboh of Zule Zoo, who recently offered an interview, refuted rumors that he was mentally ill. He did concede, though, that he has faced a number of difficulties since relocating from Lagos.

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Terna Rapsody Hyacinth, a family close source, confirmed the spread of the news in a post on his official Facebook page.

“I wish people were as willing to help you survive when you were alive and suffering on the streets of Makurdi as they are to let the world know of your death today!!” Terna wrote. “Legend will keep you company.”Mike Aboh of Zule Zoo of Africa is dead

Michael Aboh of Zule Zoo of Africa is dead

Ibrahim, who claimed Aboh was addicted to narcotics and alcohol, said he was mentally ill.
Ibrahim claims that Aboh collapsed and died in the bathroom while taking a bath.

“It’s so painful to tell after our long journey together in this life to live a better life coming to an end for you…

My brother passed out while having a bath this morning, and My Michael is no longer with us,” he stated.

“Tears have welled up in my eyes, and my hands are trembling as I can’t disguise the truth that you’ve passed away on this day. I can’t question God because I’ve lost a brother and a friend.”

Aboh has reportedly been in Makurdi since he was unable to cope with the lifestyle in Lagos State.

May his spirit find eternal rest.

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