Zamfara Bandits Formed New Govt As Residents Cry For Mercy

Bandits take over Kaduna airport

Zamfara bandits have new formed government. 

Residents claim that bandits operating in the Mada district of the Gusau Local Government Area, Zamfara State, have completely taken over the region.

Investigation affirmed that , the district’s residents have abandoned the entire neighbourhood as a result of frequent terror attacks by men from the underworld.

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This source states that numerous villagers have set up camp along the route between Kotorkoshi and Mada town as refugees after the bandits defeated the security agents.

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We haven’t taken a bath in a few days, according to Mallan Ibrahim Mada, because the infamous bandits have taken over the entire neighbourhood after overwhelming the security personnel.

“As I speak to you now, I am unaware of the locations of my two wives and children, and I am unsure whether they have fled or been abducted.

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“We have no other source of income other farming, but bandits have forcibly stopped us from doing so. The sole wife and children I have left have gone to the village of Kotorkoshi to beg for food so we can survive.

The commissioners for information, Hon. Ibrahim Magaji Dosara, and those for security and internal affairs have reportedly confirmed that the Mada district has been the scene of ongoing terrorist attacks.

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They discussed it during a press conference they just held in Gusau, the state capital.

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They acknowledged that the State administration had been obliged to close all the markets and gas stations in the impacted areas due to the increasing frequency of banditry operations in the axis.

“The State administration is conscious of the misery of the people as a result of banditry activities wreaking havoc on the entire area; we, therefore, decided to close down all the stores and filling stations to lessen the constant terror attacks in the axis.

What is the government saying about the Zamfara Bandits? 

According to the commissioners, “We engaged the Federal Government in dialogue so that it might approve our proposal for everyone who is eligible to be carrying guns for self-defense to lower the stress.” Read Details Here …  Zamfara Governor Orders Individuals to Buy Guns for Self-Defense



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