Youth Orientated NGO Asks Nigerians  to drop all forms of violence

Atiku Tells Nigerian Youths

Youth Orientated NGO Asks Nigerians  to drop all forms of violence 

A youth-orientated non-governmental Organization, One Nigeria Project, has appealed to to drop all forms of violent criminal attacks on facilities, terrorism and kidnapping as it will bear enormous and long-lasting human, social and economic consequences on the better future that the same youth look out for.

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Speaking yesterday during youth sensitization in Asaba, Delta State Capital, during a sensitization program on the forthcoming National Youth Confab tagged “Beyond all talks, a United Nigeria” to be held in Abuja next month; the National President of the organization, Comrade Jakpa Elvis, said it is axiomatic to posit that there is a linkage between youth and national integration.

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He said, “This intercourse is not only symbiotically connected; but, one depends on the other for its sustenance. Therefore, the role of youth in Nigeria Unity cannot be overemphasized. The wheel of developing a better Nigeria lies on the shoulder of how productive and creative the youths are. Therefore, our actions and inaction today will develop or destroy the hegemonies/fabrics of our country.”

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He said the youth are the most affected by the multiple forms of violence – from political violence, organized crimes, terrorist attacks and extremists’ kidnapping that have plagued the country.

He appealed to the youths who are bearing arm to silence the weapons, stop kidnapping, maiming of lives and destruction of public properties and approach the government with a more objective purpose.

“We recognized the importance of preventing violent radicalization at the root, hence we are sensitizing the youth against all manner of criminals ideologies that are destroying the country

“Although the positions of this organization are clear, many of the existing policies and initiatives oriented towards empowering the youth still lack solid evidence-based approach. More evidence-based empowerments are needed to better the youth. Therefore during our forthcoming National Confab, we will approach the problem as well as proffer effective programmes that will engage Nigerian youth.

“We are making efforts, for instance, through our forums and seminars, we discuss more how to conduct effective prevention and how to raise awareness to shun criminal activities we face today in Nigeria while sharing good practices and discussing the lessons already learned as well as those policies that have led to more stigmatization in some way and that have had negative impacts on the youth.

“The role of youth on national unity is sacrosanct to the whole developmental aspiration of united better Nigeria,” he posited.

He lamented that millions of Nigerian youths are languishing in various prisons in the country and beyond, because of crimes.

“The Nigeria we destroy today will hunt and hot us badly. Let the youth look inwards beyond Internet fraud, kidnapping, banditry, terrorism, arms-bearing and other evil vices. Let us see Nigeria as our cherished inheritance. If our leaders have failed, let us not fail. Let’s not destroy the country more. Let unit with our strength and might to build a youthful resourceful Nigeria,” he said.

# Youth Orientated NGO Asks Nigerians to drop all forms of violence



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