Young lady recounts how she slept with dogs in Dubai [Video]

Young lady recounts how she slept with dogs in Dubai

Young vibrant lady has narrated how she slept with dogs in Dubai 

A young woman, believed to be of Ghanaian descent, has come forward to describe her experiences while having s3x with dogs in Dubai.

In a video that has now gone viral, the lady can be seen describing how the dirty act is being done.

S£x with dogs video: Why I slept with a dog for 1 million naira, Lady Cries Out (Video)  


Arab men, according to the lady, will agree to pay them thousands of dollars if they agree to follow their orders.

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These Arab men will also allow their dogs to have S£x with a lady and force them to excrete into their (ladies) mouth, according to the lady.

S3x with dogs: Bestiality: Police to arrest owners who pay Ladies to sleep with their dogs

Watch video below:



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