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Cross-dresser, Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to share a throwback photo of himself on his page when he was still an ‘upcoming transgender’ and said the photo is meant to inspire people.

The transvestite says if the picture is not inspiring to someone, then that person will die in poverty – he went on to say that he went from a man to a multimillionaire woman and before he became who he is today, he made sure not to mix with broke people.

He wrote,

If dis picture didn’t inspire you then you will die in poverty . Nothing is impossible on earth. If you block your ears and never listen to people who hate you…. trust me you will achieve your dreams. From a man to a multimillionaire woman today. Before I change myself to who I am today…. I made up my mind never to mix with broke ass guys. I tried my best to miz among the rich men so they can pick me up. Nobody should give you fish…. tell them to pick u up and make you a great person. Lastly never be ashamed to tell people who you were before making it…..lots of dis slay queens on ig today are afraid to upload their past pictures. Love you all

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