‘You misled the public’ — Nigerians flay Ubi Franklin over ‘rape’ story

Ubi Franklin

Nigerians flay Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin, a former talent manager turned blogger, is facing outrage from Nigerians for his account about ‘the alleged rape incident’ at Chrisland schools.

Here are some of the social media reactions:

“Ubi Franklin just came here to expose that girl and disgrace her parents by attempting to portray her as a victim,” @Royz remarked.

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@capitalp: “To tell you the truth, that Ubi Franklin guy needs to be looked into for exposing this little girl.” He’s aware of something we’re unaware of.”

@Mr.ariyo: “Dear parents, children will always be children. “There are no exceptions among the Chrisland kids.” Sexual immorality between the ages of 11 and 13 does not characterise you as a failing parent, and it should not.

“Keep trying and keep your child’s problems out of the hands of clout mongers like Ubi Franklin.”

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“This matter has escalated because of Ubi Franklin,” says @Adesuwa. Until it was brought on Twitter, it was a private problem.

“You deceived the people into believing it was rape when you knew it wasn’t. The video has spread further as a result of your efforts.”

That is the latest Naija News today on Nigerians flay Ubi Franklin, you can also read 10 Year Old Chrisland School ‘Cowgirl’ Operates “Bhadgurl4k” (Bad Girl F.ck)



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