Job seeker fired from work

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It was so fun on Twitter over trending Job advert.  

An employer took to his Twitter page to share a job vacancy advert as he’s in search of an employee but the content of his advert caught the attention of Twitter users and made him go on the platform.

Samuel Otigba, who’s a brand strategist and was nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, tweeted,

“Looking for someone I can trust to manage my food factory in Kaduna. Good pay with health insurance. You can steal cause I know you will & I can’t control it, but keep the thieving within 5-10% of the total net profit & we are good.”

Some Twitter users were awed by his tweet as they said he was being realistic with his expectations. However, others accused him of implying that all Nigerians are potential thieves.

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Below are his tweets and reactions to them,


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