President Muhammadu Buhari

’s media adviser, , has described the protesters and the , as “Tribal Bullies”.

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He made his remarks shortly after the 76th United Nations General Assembly, which President Muhammadu Buhari was invited to attend and speak at.

Shehu, in an article published on Monday titled “My takeaways from the 76th UN general assembly session,” condemned pro-secessionist groups for holding protests against the government during the assembly session, which took place in New York.

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According to him, “While President Buhari was focusing on the problems plaguing the nation and in some instances asking for international support to deal with such, a coalition of groups protested outside the UN building.”

“This is true of all countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Iran, China, Egypt, and just about everyone else, and it applies to every conceivable issue, including climate change, gender equality, and animal rights, among others. The so-called “Yoruba nation” and the so-called “Indigenous People of Biafra” (IPOB) terrorist groups collaborated to stage a protest outside the United Nations building in New York on September 22nd.”

“They attempted to assert, incredulously, that they have somehow earned the right to run their affairs through acts of violence, including the murder of law enforcement officers and the innocent, and extortion. When government officials moved to carry out their diligent work between the Nigerian Mission in New York and the United Nations building, a distance of fewer than 400 metres, many Nigerians at home were alarmed by the tribal bullying displayed by officials as they moved.”

“Protests are permitted by anyone who wishes to express themselves. Bullying among tribes is considered uncivilised. Any effort to strengthen the insurgency in the country is also a bad idea “The statement went on to say.

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