Yahaya Bello promises raising 20m millionaires by 2030

2023 Campaign poster of Yahaya Bello, Fani-Kayode emerges
Yahaya Bello targets raising 20m millionaires by 2030

Gov. of Kogi announced his intention to run for president in 2023 on Saturday, promising to end poverty by creating 20 million millionaires by 2030.


According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), Yahaya Bello has declared his candidacy for President on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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He stated that the economy, security, peace, and unity would be his watchwords as he works to build a nation in which everyone, regardless of religion or tribe, is carried along.

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His campaign slogan, he claims, is ‘Hope, Bridging the Gap,’ because all he wants to do is bring hope to the country while bridging political divides.

“A Yahaya Bello presidency will also aim to create at least 20 million millionaires by 2030, with the goal of each of them employing or otherwise empowering at least five other citizens.”

“We will learn a lot from the South East in this regard.”

“We must study and invest in the apprenticeship model, in which a boy from a poor or wealthy family is taken, trained, and transformed into a millionaire businessman in as little as ten years.”

“Harvard University is already looking into it, and the Nigerian government should follow suit.”

“I’ve seen this model work on average 50% of the time, with at least five out of ten boys who apprenticed with various Igbo friends of mine becoming millionaires in their own right today.”

Governor Yahaya Bello stated that he had a vision of an open, inclusive, and honest Nigerian government and economy that operated with a human face and transparent processes.

Yahaya Bello on Buhari‘s Legacy.

Bello promised to build on President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements, saying he would give governors more authority over security, public transportation, taxation, fiscal federalism, mineral and agricultural resources, and electricity.

“These are Mr. President’s legacies; they will aid the next president in making longer and easier developmental strides, assuming Nigerians ensure that he is succeeded by someone who is not out to discredit but to consolidate.”

“I have repeatedly demonstrated that I am the only such successor in the APC’s 2023 line-up.


“I’m running for President because I believe our country has a bright light at the end of the tunnel.” I’m not one of those people who only sees the bad side of things.

” It is my intention to take possession of that light, to use it to pierce the dark spots in our past and present, to illuminate and close every gap in our nationhood.”

“I will make certain that this torch is passed on to successors who will be responsible stewards of the great future that a federal government led by me will build for our country.”

Yahaya Bello said he worked hard as governor of Kogi and fulfilled his mandate, urging Nigerians to visit www.kogipedia.net to see his accomplishments from 2016 to the present.

Yahaya Bello on Quality of Leadership

“Let me list the most important qualities I believe are required in our next Commander-in-Chief, and I invite Nigerians to rank all candidates according to these qualities if we want a country that will meet our expectations by 2023.”

Youthfulness: If performance is to be improved, natural force and physical energy must be maintained. I’m 46 and a half years old, and by God’s grace, I’m in good physical and mental shape.

Courage: A demonstrable capacity to be zealously affected in a good cause and to lead with courage and foresight in the pursuit of the people’s and nation’s overall best interests.”

Security: Demonstrated ability to maintain security, unity, and peace in a large territory with challenging terrain.” Citizens must feel secure in their possessions and homes.

Diversity: Our next president must have a proven track record of managing diversity.”

Yahaya Bello promised inclusivity, saying that Nigerians should be able to live and contribute anywhere in the country without fear of being labelled as strangers.

He stated that his desire was for every Nigerian, particularly youths, to live in a country where no tribe, religion, or gender would ever be considered a’minority,’ particularly by the actions or inactions of government leaders.

He stated that government actions in the distribution of national resources and opportunities, as well as public entity recruitment procedures, must be based on equity, fairness, and justice.

As president, he also promised that every Nigerian would be mentally and physically empowered, with the unshakeable conviction and tangible proof that they are not inferior to anyone for any reason.


Bello promised that his presidency, like his governorship, would be tough on crime, noting that Kogi went from being the state with the highest rate of violent crime in 2015 to being one of Nigeria’s safest states from 2017 to date.

As a result, when he becomes President and Commander-in-Chief, he has stated that terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, and other violent crimes will not be tolerated.

He promised to pursue a well-defined strategy for expanding new technology’s economic footprint in the United States.

Yahaya Bello On Cryptocurrency

He stated that he would establish a (NBT) to develop a trailblazing policy for the country in the areas of cryptos, the metaverse, non-financial tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

“I am not running for President on the basis of apologies, but on the basis of a solid track record of verifiable accomplishments in my current position as Governor of Kogi State.”

” I have demonstrated antecedents in the very areas where Nigerians are in desperate need of help, namely, security, unity, and progress. As a result, I believe I have the academic qualifications and practical experience to be the next President of Nigeria on merit.”

Bello’s declaration for president, according to the event’s chairman, Salvador Moshood, is a source of hope for youths, women, and other marginalised groups.

As a result, Moshood urged them to rally behind Bello for a better Nigeria and to rally more support from friends and family.

Sen. Jonathan Zwingina, the National Coordinator, said Bello would continue President Muhammadu Buhari’s good work, adding that despite his youth, Bello has a lot to offer the country.

Bello, according to Zwingina, is a detribalised leader who works for the good of all, regardless of ethnicity or religion, and would replicate this as president in the larger country.

Edward Onoja, the Deputy Governor of Kogi, who listed ten achievements of Bello’s administration in Kogi, said he was leaving a great legacy for the state.

Bello, he claimed, disbanded criminal gangs, put an end to kidnapping and other social vices and insecurity, destroyed tribalism and religious differences, and built a church in the state’s government house after a 28-year absence.

Yahaya Bello on Zoning

He said he supported presidential zoning, but that this time the zoning had to be in favour of youths, and that it was time for people under the age of 50 to rule the country.


Hafsat Abiola-Costello, the Director-General of the GYB Campaign, said that women had been marginalised for decades and were only known in political circles as singers and cooks, but Bello changed the narrative by appointing her as the DG of his campaign team.

Abiola-Costello said that with Yahaya Bello, the nation was on the path to its true destiny, and that women would build the nation. She urged women and youths to support Bello because the time had come for them to take over.


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