Writers’ Interactive Network Holds 2020 Maiden Edition of it’s Writers Event

Writers' Interactive Network Holds 2020 Maiden Edition of it's Writers Events 

Opportunities they say come once in a Lifetime, this might be true but what I am sure of is that, these days opportunities are on the Internet, Social media precisely.

Writers' Interactive Network Holds 2020 Maiden Edition of it's Writers Events 

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On the 4th of February 2020, a very sunny day, I got home tired and decided take some rest. Immediately I logged in on my WhatsApp, I saw an update on a friend’s account and just to feed my curiosity I checked it out. I discovered something, it was not just an update, it’s what I have been waiting for all my LIFE.

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?? What is !? I zoomed on the artwork and discovered that The are putting up a programme themed “Literature As In Roads Alternative” for young Enterprenuers & writers. “Wow, this is what I’m talking about” I thought to myself.

Writers' Interactive Network Holds 2020 Maiden Edition of it's Writers Events 

Immediately, I followed the directions and I registered through a link. I’m not missing this for anything.

Fast forward to the D day, The hosted about 300 young Enterprenuers and writers (including me), Live at the KPMG Towers Victoria Island. Young writers got access to first hand information and directions on how to grow not just as a writer but as a confident VOICE in the society.

The WIN programme was honoured by special guests Like the well respected Capt. Idris Wada (Former Governor Kogi state) to Madam Ojoma Ochai (Director of Programmes, British council), and more.. The presence of these notables gave assurance to the young minds that writing isn’t just a “hobby” to play with, but an avenue to Influence the society with Literature and relate with Public figures.

Now, all work and no play they say, makes Jack a dull boy. The WIN team knew this, so they gave opportunities to entertainers amongst the students to showcase themselves.

Fast rising Musician Mickii thrilled the crowd with his songs, Popoola a poet, made use of spoken words to awake consciousness. With this, the young enterprenuers cheered and lightened up more. It was indeed, a beautiful scenery.

The whole set up wouldn’t have been complete without the Industrious contributions of the president (WIN), Mr Abraham John Onoja. Anyone who was in the hall can tell how he enthusiastically attended to situations and made sure the programme was well coordinated.

Its worthy to note that the WIN programme successfully reached out to young minds as planned, got the support of First class TV stations (Channels TV, Silverbird TV, TVC, NTA, SOJ Worldwide, Eje’s Gist, Eyewitness Media amongst others) to cover the programme for viewers at home and finally prove it to every writer that WRITING is a powerful tool that cuts through all borders.

Finally, at a about 4pm in the evening, the programme drew to a close and while I’m seated in the hall, I reminisced on all I have learnt right there at the programme, two things sticked on my mind. One, writting Is not just a hobby to while away time but an avenue to touch and Influence lives positively. 2. I am not alone and there are alot of young writers out there like me who are taking it one step at a time, growing to become a force to reckon with. Hurray!

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