Woman Caught Breastfeeding a Snake

Woman Caught Breastfeeding a Snake

Woman Caught Breastfeeding a Snake

Residents of Nenohwe Village in Zimbabwe are said to be shocked after a woman was caught breastfeeding a giant snake at her friend’s house.

According to the Manica Post, a 12-year-old girl spotted Gogo Nenohwe as she breastfed the snake while uttering names of villagers she wanted her pet to deal with.

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Following the allegation, two elderly friends, Gogo Savie Nenohwe and Gogo Ethel Sithole, were charged with witchcraft before a Chief Mutambara court. On Saturday, March 13, the key witness described the incident in court.

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She stated,

“I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a large snake that was wrapped in a red cloth and adorned with beads. She took out a plate of food and fed the snake after she finished breastfeeding it. I didn’t see what she was feeding it, but I heard her muttering villagers’ names and telling the snake to deal with them.”


The young girl allegedly told other villagers after reporting the incident to Gogo Sithole and realising she was not doing anything about it.


Molline Nenohwe, the village head, was informed of the incident and took the matter to Chief Mutambara. The two women were then summoned to the court of the traditional ruler.

When asked if she took any action after the minor brought the matter to her attention, Gogo Sithole said she couldn’t go to the chief’s court to file a report because she couldn’t travel. She stated.

“I was unable to bring the case to your court due to a lack of funds. I also avoided confronting Nenohwe because I knew that if I did, I would have to take the matter to the chief’s court, which I couldn’t do at the time.”

Maria, Gogo Sithole’s niece, also revealed that she shared a room with the snake. Maria stated:

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“I used to sleep in the same room as Gogo Nenohwe, who was photographed breastfeeding the snake. That’s where the snake stays. Because of this, I stopped using the room and begged my aunt to move me to another. “Every now and then, the snake emerges to bask in the sun.”

Other villagers in Nenohwe Village claimed to have seen a giant snake with a red cloth wrapped around its neck. The snake is now being hunted down and brought to the traditional ruler’s court.

During the hearing, Gogo Nenohwe kept his mouth shut and refused to speak to the media afterward.

# Woman Caught Breastfeeding a Snake


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