Winter Paralympics : IPC makes u-turn, bans Russian, Belarusian athletes

Winter Paralympics

IPC makes u-turn, bans Russian, Belarusian athletes from  

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on Thursday morning that Russian and Belarussian athletes will not be allowed to compete in the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing, which begin on Friday, March 4.

“At the IPC, we are very firm believers that sport and politics should not mix,” IPC President Andrew Parsons said on the organization’s website. However, through no fault of its own, the war has found its way to these Games, and many governments are working behind the scenes to influence our beloved event.

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“The IPC is a membership-based organisation, and we value the perspectives of our members.”

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“Our members elected the Board in December 2021 to uphold and maintain the Paralympic Movement’s principles, values, and rules.” That is a responsibility and duty that we as Board members take very seriously.

“When we made our decision yesterday, we were considering the Paralympic Movement’s long-term health and survival.” We are incredibly proud of the principles and values that have helped to shape the Movement into what it is now.

“What is clear, however, is that the rapidly escalating situation has now placed us in an unprecedented and impossible position so close to the Games’ start.”

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“We said yesterday that we’d keep listening, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“In the last 12 hours, an overwhelming number of members have contacted us and have been extremely open, which I appreciate.

“They’ve told us that if we don’t change our minds, the Beijing Games in 2022 will almost certainly be ruined.” Several NPCs have threatened not to compete after being contacted by their governments, teams, and athletes.

On Friday, March 4, the Winter Paralympics Games will begin in Beijing, China.

Winter Paralympics



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