Wike responds to Obaseki, calling the Edo governor a “tenant” in the PDP.

: Wike Breaks Down in Tears After Heavily Armed Gunmen Did This

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Governor Nyesom Wike of has retaliated against Godwin Obaseki of , calling him a ‘tenant’ in the Peoples Democratic Party ().

Mr Obaseki told Mr Wike in a statement signed by him on Sunday that the PDP was not a personal property of the Rivers governor.

Mr Obaseki said, “It clearly amounts to a delusion of grandeur for any one man to believe that he owns or has a greater stake in the PDP and that everyone should pander to him.”

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“In Edo, we don’t accept political bullies and overlords,” he told Mr Wike.

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In response to Mr Obaseki’s remarks, Mr Wike said the Edo governor was ungrateful for the assistance he provided, which enabled him to get the PDP ticket and ultimately win the Edo governorship election in 2020, after he was barred from contesting the primaries in his former party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Wike responds to Obaseki, Tenders apology to

In a video posted on Facebook on Monday, Mr Wike is heard saying, “If you go and check the DNA of Godwin Obaseki, what you will see in that DNA is betrayal, serial betrayal, and ungratefulness.”

Mr Wike apologised to Adams Oshiomhole, the former APC national chairman, who he claimed had been vindicated by the confrontation between him and Mr Obaseki.

“Let me take this opportunity to apologise to Adams Oshiomhole, who has been vindicated by telling us that we will see the true colour of Governor Obaseki’s insincerity and ungratefulness.

“Let me apologise to Adams Oshiomhole and say that you have been vindicated and that we were mistaken.”

Mr. Wike claimed that Mr. Obaseki had not helped the PDP advance.

“Did he cast a vote for the PDP?” His only election was when we gave him an umbrella and he voted in his own election. So, who has a bigger stake in the PDP? He beat his chase by saying, “I have more stake in PDP.”

“I’ve always been a supporter of others. You never supported PDP; rather, you came begging, kneeling down, after your godfather chased you away. And we gave you permission. Normally, you are a renter.

“You came to beg a bully to give you a (PDP) ticket. Your campaign director was a bully, and you were bullied into Government House by a bully. What a pity!


“You returned with your wife to thank the bully for making it possible for you to be there after God.”

The Rivers governor stated that the PDP’s problem in Edo stemmed from injustice, and that he would always fight injustice.

He didn’t say what he meant by “injustice” in the Edo PDP, though.

“Let me tell you, Obaseki, I know your cohorts, I will smoke all of you out,” Mr Wike said, sounding ready for a long political battle.

Mr Wike stated that he is qualified to run for President of Nigeria.

He told Mr Obaseki, “Tell your presidential aspirants who are sending you that if I come out, I will win them.”

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