Why We Treat The Rich And Poor Differently – Hisbah

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The Kano State Board has revealed why the rich and poor are treated differently when they commit an offence.

The board also refuted the claim that it does not punish the wealthy when they commit the same crime as the poor, claiming that they are simply treated differently.

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has recently come under fire for turning a blind eye to weddings involving the wealthy, particularly the bride of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari.

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Speaking on the subject, Aliyu Kibiya, a board director, told Freedom Radio that criticising a leader in public is against Islamic teachings.

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“Although we encourage everyone in society to do the right thing, we make decisions on an individual basis.”

“It is against Islam’s tenets to stand on a podium and criticise leaders. There are ways to caution a leader without publicly criticising him, according to Kibiya.

Meanwhile, the board’s commander-general, Haroun Ibn-Sina, told freedom radio in another programme that they have arrested the children of the wealthy on several occasions and are continuing to do so.

Despite the fact that Ibn-Sina did not provide specific examples of children of the wealthy arrested by Hisbah, he stated that “we arrested sons of the wealthy and we are still on that.” Anyone found in violation of our rules and regulations will be arrested.”



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