Why is Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori unique among other Delta gubernatorial candidates?

Sheriff Oborewvori


The country is at a crossroads, with lots of challenges like insecurity, inflation and general economic downturn; under development; problems of unity, banditry and ethnicity. This is the current reality and we must deal with it. We need a leader with a Midas touch to effectively confront these challenges.

The first option is for us to first agree that these problems truly exist not only in Nigeria but also in Delta State and we must find a solution to them.

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The second option is to go for a youthful leader with the capacity and humility to not only unite the state but also to take the state to our desired destination, which is economic Eldorado. No matter your sex, age, religion or ethnic group, an enabling environment will be created for all. Here is where our youth will be reinvented and repositioned to bring out their best.

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Where women and children will be given the right opportunity and an enabling environment. Health, education, agriculture, and security, among others, will be a priority. Where the rule of law and the separation of powers will be fairly and strongly enforced.

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The man that can confront these challenges must be a man who has passed through the ladder of social stratification with an exemplary record of street credibility and proven capacity in all spheres of life.

The only man who has shown capacity and who understands the effects of this Challenges confronting us as a people is Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori.

Undoubtedly, anyone who has followed the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly closely will agree that his humility is first class. This trait will no doubt come in handy in the administration of the State after he is sworn in May 2023.

Moreso, his high administrative acumen and experience, which he possesses over the years in government and outside government, will also be of immense benefit.

Having risen from being a councillor, served in various capacities in government, became a member of the House of Assembly, being the longest serving speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and now a Governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party. Coupled with lots of other critical experience in the private and public sectors, I have no doubt in my mind that he will contribute in no small way in helping to pilot the affairs of the state positively.

Another point that must not be ignored is his capacity and energy, enabled by his youthful disposition and unending quest to listen to everyone. which, to a large extent, gives him insight into the challenges faced by the people.

At the national level, he is a bridge builder with friends and associates all over the country, while serving currently as the vice Chairman, Conference of Speakers of State legislatures in Nigeria.

He is a dependable ally to many in the PDP’s party hierarchy.That explains his seamless execution of his assignment as the speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and the longest-serving speaker Delta State has ever had.

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He is undoubtedly the David of our time, and we must do everything to stand by him in order to ensure he becomes the Executive Governor of this State come 2023.

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Sanco Ese
God’s Pen of Intervention



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