Why I Removed My Fallopian Tubes, Lady Recounts Her regretful Experience

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A 28-year-old lady who proudly removed her fallopian tubes, she revealed the reasons behind her actions which she started to nurse since she was 16 years old. An interview with her revealed everything.

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Read Below;

May 23rd, 2019, I got my fallopian tubes removed and started my childfree life style journey. It took 6 attempts to get approval. The 5 male doctors turned me down because I was under 30, childless, single and never experienced pregnancy.


It was very difficult for me emotionally and mentally. I even stopped being sexual active for 450 days because I was on a mission. Dr Grace Banner spoke w/me about the cons of the procedure and asked me questions. I was very knowledgeable and I think that surprised her lmao. I was approved on April 1st, 2019. I was turning 27 on April 24th and was scheduled for May 23rd, so I could enjoy my birthday.


Below are some of the questions she has been receiving ever since then


How old are you?




What if you change your mind?


I won’t


Will you adopt?




What if you meet a nice man?


I tell men upfront that I’m never having kids.


Why don’t you want Children?


They don’t compliment my life style


When did you realize you didn’t want to be a mom?


I’ve known since I was 16 lol. I had running joke “ima get my tubes tied before 30” all through HS & look what happened.


Who will take care of you when you’re older?


Myself or a nice facility. If you to think your kids are obligated to take care of you, pls don’t have them.


What if you regret it?


Only thing I would regret is living a mediocre life.


Do you want to get married?




You don’t think it’s selfish?


I honestly don’t care what ppl think cause this is my uterus and my life. God gave every woman her own uterus, why are you minding mine?


You’re not scared of ending up alone?


What?, you can end up “alone” even if you have kids lol.


What if the man you’re seeing changes his mind?


That’s his Luck to take cause I’m not changing my mind for him.


You ever had an abortion?


I have never been pregnant in my life and I’m 28. If I fell ill with the pregnant I was definitely getting an abortion tho


You don’t want just one?


Everyone that is pressuring me with the “just one rule” won’t lift a finger to help me with a baby ( I didn’t even want). You’re not going to force me ruin my life so YOU can feel comfortable around me.


Why are you so vocal about this?


Childfree black women exist & there is space for everyone but us. We’re silenced it placed of the back burner.


Why aren’t more black women vocal about being childfree?


It’s a taboo topic in the community tbh. We’re told.


“You’ll change ya mind” & “wait until you meet a nice man”. Why would having a man force me to change my mind? (If I had a baby right now, I’d probably be miserable as hell and I’m not over exaggerating lmao). Those ppl telling me “you’ll change your mind” are invalidating my feelings and beliefs. I know I make people uncomfortable with my honesty but I also try to inform them without being a b**tch lol. There are different parents that wish they would’ve stayed childfree. They ended up caving & having children just to be miserable.




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