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I don’t think there is anything more important to an Adsense campaign than informative, interesting content and high-paying keyword optimization. This article will describe how good keyword selection plays an important role in maximizing your Adsense income.


Keywords are crucial to the success of your Adsense campaigns. Relevant advertisements will not appear in your ad blocks if there are no significant keywords detected by the search engine bots.

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When writing your articles, make sure to incorporate the proper amount of keywords and keyword phrases throughout your text. This is called keyword density. Remember that term, because it’s very important if you are going to make money from Adsense.


Standard density is anywhere from 3% – 10%, depending on the niche you are writing about. Ultimately, it’s best if you can stick with three or four keywords or phrases per article.

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You don’t want to stuff your content with the same keyword over and over again. While it might seem that doing so will help to boost the rank of your articles, Google may actually penalizes you for this.


When you are creating your website, one of your main goals is to write content around . You don’t necessarily need the highest paying keywords, but you’ll need some good paying keywords found in your niche.


Unfortunately, you’ll soon discover that if you decide to write content around the highest paying keywords, the competition is so intense that you will lose out to some of the older, bigger, and higher page ranking websites. It is advisable to start out small and work your way up just as they have done.


Repetition is also a possibility if you decide to write about only the highest paying keywords. If you do not enjoy the topic you are researching, not only will you quickly lose interest, it will also take longer to regain your motivation.

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Another viable option is to write content for middle ranking and lower paying keywords. The idea behind this method is simple: Articles that feature higher paying keywords may not enjoy a high search engine ranking, which means they may not receive as much traffic as you would like. There is a good chance that the lower paying keyword articles will get a substantial amount of search engine traffic, therefore increasing the page views of all your pages. The catch is that you will have to write twice as many articles with lower paying keywords if you want to maintain a steady income.


There are many ways to research keywords. Free keyword research tools are available as well as premium tools. Obviously the premium tools will produce better and more extensive results. If you are working with a limited budget, utilizing a free tool is a good alternative. I recommend using The google Adwords keyword research tool for best results.


In conclusion, how much money you make from Adsense depends on the keywords you choose when you are producing your content. The more popular the keyword, the better chance you have to get more traffic which in turn will result in more clicks.

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