Ogboru who is wanted by most people in delta state is going to contest for governor under APC in delta state. I’m not surprised therefore that he has interest in the structure of the party and he should. Otherwise the party structure might be hijacked by opponents and enemies. Any serious minded aspirant ought to be concerned as such.

But it beggars belief why a leader who is neither aspiring for any elective position nor supporting anyone for that matter is desperately desirous and hellbent on controlling and hijacking the party structure. To what intent? For trading?

Ortega Emerhor is a celebrated political entrepreneur who evidently has no electoral value. But wants to usurp the party and make merchandise for himself. God forbid, if Ortega can hijack the party for himself, he will send bills to all the aspirants of delta north extraction: for prof Utomi, he will say look for five hundred million naira if you are serious about being a governor. To Dr. Cairo Ojougbo, he will say go get a billion naira to deliver the party’s ticket to you. For Rt hon. Ochei, he would say with 2billion naira I can guarantee you the party flag. And then to Okowa, he would say 5billion is surely not too much for your reelection if we make sure the right candidate doesn’t emerge in APC. Make no mistake about it Ortega Emerhor wants to sell delta APC but for Ogboru and Omoagege!

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Ortega Emerhor said he wants to provide a level playing ground for all. Has Ortega become INEC? Is Ortega the national working committee or the state working committee? How does he intend to do that?

Ortega Emerhor speaks from the two sides of his mouth. Since 2016 when he dawned on him that Ogboru would contest. And bearing in mind that Deltans would always choose Ogboru over and above him, he started to work for an ethnic agenda. Not because he genuinely desires or believe it is the turn of the delta north people but because he has no electoral value, he couldn’t win even his ward according to Jesutega Onokpasa. So he wants Okowa to continue till 2023 just to ensure that his brother man doesn’t become. This is Ortega’s idea of a level playing ground.

Do not forget that the same Ortega who annointed prof Utomi as the right candidate being a delta north aspirant and added that the mistake he made in 2015 was because he contested in place of the delta north people, came to Ogboru’s party a few weeks after to announce gleefully and publicly that there is no zoning, that anybody across ethnic, tribal or senatorial district should contest for the governorship position. Ortega added that the best candidate irrespective of ethnic affiliation should emerge. This was what a man that called himself a leader said a few weeks ago after endorsing professor Patrick Utomi onstensibly for being a delta northerner.

Then shamelessly he went on air again precisely two days ago to say it is the turn of the delta north people. That aspirants from delta central and delta south should not be allowed to contest when he’s aware of the fact that apart from the impossibility of any aspirant from the delta north to defeat Okowa, all the traditional rulers and leaders of delta north have endorsed Okowa making it more difficult for APC aspirants of delta north extraction to fly. Is this the type of leader I should respect? How can any normal party man have respect for this manner of leader that contradicts himself endlessly. I feel so sorry for my brothers in delta north who still thinks Ortega Emerhor is a useful party leader.

Ortega Emerhor is neither interested in the choice of delta north people nor in the victory of our dear party, APC. The only thing that matters to Ortega is what gets into his bank account today. He is in politics for personal lucrative agenda. He doesn’t care how Deltans fare now or in future. What manner of leader!.
I remain.

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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