Reasons You Keep Seeing 'Transaction Failed, Please Try Again Later” ' on Npower NASIMS portal

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Why Can’t I Login To My Npower Account _ Npower Login Issues 

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Npower Login Issues

Is Npower Login Not Working

Why Can’t I Login To My Npower Account 


We have noticed that many N-Power Batch ‘C’ applicants cannot access the NASIMS Portal ( to check their verification status. While some applicants believe the portal will be accessable soon, others believe the problem is with their login details. However, this post was created to keep you informed. See Why some N-power applicants have not been shortlisted for Batch C verification and Next Stage After NPower Fingerprint is Deployment To PPA

The issues you are experience on the site is expected because almost over six million people that applied for the programme are trying to access the site like you..


Below are the possible reasons why some applicants see blank page or “Transaction failed, please try again later” each time they tried to login:

Image showing Npower Login Issues 

Why Can't I Login To My Npower Account

1. High traffic on the portal

When many people are trying to visit a website at once, the websites or apps slow down and ultimately crash because of overloading, especially when the site is hosted on shared server. Also, some people with bad network will get their login attempt bounced because it is a kind of ‘survival of the fitness’. Ensure you have a strong network.

2. Browser issues

The type of browser you are using may not be capable of handling rigid load of a website. So, try to use updated version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Or simply use another browser to see if you can get luck.

Npower Login Issues

3. Phone Storage and Caches

If your phone storage is full, you may need to clean (free some space) (free some space). Surfing the internet will be faster as a result of this. Also, try clearing the cache in your browser.

4. The leadership of NASIMS

It’s no secret that the Npower program’s management is conducting Batch C verification exercises in batches. That’s why you’re usually advised to return later. The screening exercise is taking place at the same time as the verification fingerprint capture.

5. Portal-related maintenance

When you checked, the N-Power technical staff might still be working on the NASIMS portal. So, if you get an error while attempting to log in, don’t get too worked up. Try again later; once your login information are unlocked, you will be able to access the portal.

You can try using the portal late at night to check whether you’re successful. If the problem persists, try clearing your browser’s cache.

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# Why Can’t I Login To My Npower Account #  Npower Login Issues )

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