Sagacious Louis , Buhari Vendors , Delta State Coordinator, in his post on WhatsApp gives reasons why Buhari is unbeatable come 2019.

He said “President Mohammadu Buhari’s tenacity in his pursuit of the Presidency and its sustainability for second tenure under the All Progressive Congress .likely projection for 2019 election regarding the pace and pattern of Buhari’s political philosophy.

Before you dream of 2019 Election, read this first.


South East
Buhari 198,248
Jonathan 2,464,906

South South
Buhari 418,590
Jonathan 4,714,725

South West
Buhari 2,433,193
Jonathan 1,821,416

North Central
Buhari 2,411,013
Jonathan 1,715,818

North East
Buhari 2,848,678
Jonathan 796,580

North West
Buhari 7,115,199
Jonathan 1,339,709

Buhari’s cutting edge/States within his reach:

Accredited Voters                      Won With:

Bauchi State 1,094,069 931,595
Borno State 544,759 473,543
Jigawa State 1,153,428 885,988
Kaduna State 1,746,031 1,127,760
Kano State. 2,364,434 1,903,999
Katsina State. 1,578,646 1,345,441
Kebbi State 792,817 567,883
Niger State. 933,607 657,678
Yobe State 520,127 444,265
Zamfara State 875,049 612,202
Gombe State 515,828 361,245
TOTAL: 9,311,599

Coalition’s votes for Buhari/ APC

Lagos State 1,673,754 792,460
Ogun State 594,975 308,220
Ondo State 618,040 299,889
Osun State 683,169 383,603
Oyo State 1,073,849 528,620
Ekiti State 323,739 Will win.
Edo State 559,166 Will win.
FCT Abuja 344,056 Will win.
Kogi State 479,839 264,851
Imo State. 801,712 Will win.

Battle Ground for Presidential Election

Akwa Ibom State 1,644,481
Delta State 1,350,914
Ebonyi State 425,301
Sokoto State 988,899
Plateau State 1,076,833
Adamawa State. 709,993
Nasarawa State 562,950
Rivers State 1,643,409
Anambra State 703,409
Cross River State 465,906


(1) Jonathan was the incumbent President, with plenty of funds from the Central Bank to share. This is no longer available to the next PDP candidate.

(2) PDP had above twenty Governors in 2015 and now they have just eleven, thereby reducing their areas of influence.

(3) PDP had Ministers from all the States in 2015 and now has none.

(4) Ondo and Ekiti States from the South West, were under the PDP, Ondo and Ekiti are gone because APC are now the ruling parties in both states.

(5) Anambra Governor worked for Jonathan in 2015, but will not work for PDP in 2019, because of the crisis between Obiano and Obi.

(6) Agricultural revolution, especially that of rice had not taken place in Kebbi and so many other states in 2015 as it is now.

(7) Boko haram has not been decimated in 2015 as it is now. More votes will certainly come to Buhari, from the North East because of this .

(8) The recent PDP Convention ostracized the South West, with a lot of PDP Yoruba Chieftains like Obanikoro, Folarin, Seating Senators and a host of others will be leaving the party for APC

(9) The protracted PDP crisis between Modu Sheriff and Markafi, also led to the exodus of some key members of the party which will shape APC footing in some states.

(10) No more religious and tribal cards in 2019,as was played by Jonathan and PDP in the entire Southern part of the country in 2015 and APC present stake in South South will reduce the massive votes from Always Ibom,Delta and Rivers .

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(11) Above all, Buhari is the working and workaholic incumbent. Patriotic and sensible Nigerians are beginning to see the positive side of him.

I will stand with Buhari till the end!



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