By: Bill Oghenebrume Egbe

My attention has been called to yet  another  vituperatory publication that is being circulated on the social media , and which also appeared on the Nation Newspaper of yesterday, Monday 28th May, 2017. The article, a comparative analysis, was signed by one Prince Daniel Ekiugbo and Hon Engr. David Ebrunu who parade themselves as Coordinator, Change Consolidation Coalition and Chairman, Delta Project-APC, respectively. In the article they made frantic efforts to falsely accuse the duo of Chief Great Ogboru and Sen Ovie Omo-Agege of working against the interest of the APC in Delta State.


Ordinarily, I would not have expended precious time to respond to these “contracted writers”, knowing that one among the duo (Prince Daniel Ekiugbo) already has an unkempt reputation, but it is necessary, if only to set the records straight and prevent silence from being mistaken for consent and in order not to encourage other birdbrains of his kind who are out there in search of unmerited relevance by throwing tantrums at persons of high repute. In this era of social media, one is sometimes constrained to respond to that lowly and despicable kind of ‘beer parlour’ analysis.

I will use the window provided by that publication to briefly address Prince Daniel Ekiugbo. This is helpful for readers to understand  Ekiugbo’s  messed-up reputation as a “contract-writer” with absolutely nothing to stand on in the platform of integrity. His latest lamentation arise from an ignoble character and it is yet another eyeopener to the fact that his greatest weakness is the odour of putrid lucré. Ekiugbo’s infantile adjectival warfare and gratuitous garbles against the colossal standing of the duo of Chief Great Ogboru and Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege would have been excused as a by-product of his dwindling fortunes in the field of Journalism if his comparative analysis had not been between Chief Great Ogboru/Sen. Omo-Agege and Olorogun Emerhor, a man that he (Prince Daniel Ekiugbo) openly wrote unprintable and crooked things about just recently. It is worthy of note that Prince Daniel Ekiugbo, while he held sway as the Media Director of the Obire Campaign Organization wrote harshly against the “Anioma agenda” and at some point threw several political jabs at Olorogun Otega Emerhor OON over the latter’s pretentious support for the Anioma agenda. To now see that the same Daniel Ekiugbo who called Olorogun Otega Emerhor OON unprintable names has suddenly translated to seeing him as the “Pioneer Leader” of Delta APC and a “Strategist” whose clamour for Anioma agenda is the best development since the creation of Man leaves a very bad impression in the mind. What in the name of God happened to our cultural sense of values? If the rumour that has it that Olorogun Otega Emerhor OON sponsored that publication by Prince Daniel Ekiugbo, then our Leader must be operating in the same wavelength, being able to condone a devilish and dubious character around his political corridors. Where has the man in both of them gone? It is obvious such bivalent characteristics reside with both of them, as they can accommodate one another. In a sane society, no serious Politicians should have the ilks of Daniel Ekiugbo in his fold. Sadly, it is Prince Daniel Ekiugbo alone that can help himself. He is more pathetic!

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It is with this kind of twisted reputation that he has now accused the duo of Chief Great Ogboru and Sen Ovie Omo-Agege of working against the interest of the APC in Delta State. Ekiugbo’s assertions are totally out of reality and propelled by uncontrolled emotion. WHO WILL BELIEVE THE WORDS OF A MAN WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN HIMSELF? NOBODY! The despicable falsehood and perilous lies that reside in his miniature mind, with the massive deception that erupted from him about  Chief Great Ogboru and Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has done more harm to his “Paymaster” than good. They ought to know by now that Deltans are already wiser, and they won’t fall for the cheap lies that emanate from that “mucky piggery” from which he concocts his stories.

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For the purpose of setting the records straight, may I implore Daniel Ekiugbo to re-jig his memory, and bear it in mind that Chief Great Ogboru stands a brighter chance at dislodging Okowa than any of his new-found aspirants of the Delta North extraction.
I advice Ekiugbo to open his mind to reality and understand that in all of these arguments, one thing worthy of note is the fact that the idea of zoning is one that has no base in our political history and has obviously produced some of the worst leaders in our state whose case has been that of “from frying pan to fire” looking at Ibori’s successors. In 1999, Delta, like every other State in Nigeria and the Nation itself experienced a historic translation from Military Dictatorship to Representative Democracy. Also noteworthy is the fact that the election that saw the emergence of Chief James Ibori as Governor did not establish a zoning formula for subsequent elections. From available records, the major contenders in Ibori’s second term election were from Delta North. In the light of the above, it therefore amounts to a self-seeking and self-serving venture for the Anioma nation that fiercely opposed Ibori’s election to now be at the forefront of the struggle for power rotation or zoning. Moreover, I wonder how and why Prince Daniel Ekiugbo and his new Paymasters expect an Urhobo Senator whose primary interest in the scheme of things is to protect the Urhobo interest, to abandon his moral and political obligation to his people in defense of an anti-Urhobo agenda.

Another noteworthy thing I wish to draw the attention of Prince Daniel Ekiugbo and his new ANTI-URHOBO PAYMASTERS to is the fact that the Delta North Senatorial District already has economic control of Delta State through several high-profile Political Appointments. The current CBN Governor, the current Minister of Petroleum (State), the DG, Standards Organization of Nigeria and

      1. several

other high-level appointees are from Delta North. The incumbent Governor is also from the North thereby shutting out other Senatorial Districts completely. From the above analysis, what can we then say is the moral and political justification for Olorogun Otega Emerhor’s unquenchable thirst for power rotation to the North in 2019? Why is Olorogun Otega Emerhor OON deliberately trying to mortgage the future of the Urhobo nation?

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