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WhatsApp Account Hacking.

In this post , you will certainly find out how to secure your WhatsApp Account and also stay clear of being hacked by Hackers.

Following the startling price at which Whatsapp accounts, consisting of confirmed accounts the following was found

Its not a Hack, its a Number Change Scam
WhatsApp has an attribute that enables customers to transform their numbers and also swap tools from another location.

The Change Number function enables you to transform the telephone number related to your WhatsApp account. Using the Change Number function in WhatsApp will certainly move your account info (consisting of your account info), teams and also setups from your old telephone number to your new telephone number; and also erase the account related to your old telephone number.


So your calls can no more see your old telephone number in their checklists of WhatsApp calls. This is why the Profile photo and also standing stay the exact same also after the number has actually been altered.

When you transform your WhatsApp telephone number, just individuals that remain in team talks with you will certainly see that you altered your number.* The Notification reviews like
*_+234803 123 xxxx altered to +23470332xxx*
Detailed info on Number Changes can be located on WhatsApp Website.

How you are are been scammed

To achieve success, this fraud requires the complete engagement and also teamwork of the Target, albeit unintentionally.

a. The Scammer starts the Number Change with a target number from another location. This triggers the Target to get a Verification Code from Whatsapp.

b. The Scammer after that calls the Target and also makes a fraudulent case concerning an advertising possibility or lottery game gold mine or plan and also informs the Target to anticipate a Verification Code.

c. The Scammer calls the Target to demand the Verification Code as verification prior to obtaining the Prize, Bonanza or Giveaway. Unknowingly, the Target is offering the Scammer with the code to impact a number adjustment.

d. The Scammer goes into the code from another location and also alters the Target’s telephone number. Note that although private calls are not informed, just individuals in team conversations will certainly see that the number has actually been altered.

e. The Scammers after that send Spam messages to the Target’s whatsapp calls and also teams welcoming them to join fake ponzi plans or asking for monetary support, done in a proposal to generate cash from unwary calls.



Please note that this Scam functions also if your Whatsapp Number is confirmed. Two-Step Verification assists with healing of the number after the Change. In order to shield on your own please keep in mind the following:

+ WhatsApp will certainly never ever request you to supply a Code for a process you did not start. Ignore any kind of ask for a promotion or confirmation code.

+ If you get such a telephone call, *Report the Number* to Whatsapp as Spam and also wait on your phone as Spam. This will certainly aid other third Party Providers flag the number and also alert Potential Targets with TrueCaller or customer id.

+ Group participants are informed instantly a number is altered. If feasible, get in touch with the individual on the first number to verify the credibility of the adjustment.

+ Alert the team Admin to eliminate the Scammer.
+ If you get an unrequested ask for cash from a get in touch with, please confirm the identification of the call prior to requiring.

Finally never ever share any kind of code send to your phone to any individual.


Help a person today, Share this message on your teams and also with your calls- Knowledge is Power.


Credit : Ifeanyi Asanya


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