Nigeria of Our Dream !!! what does it takes?

Majemite Eneme Don
Majemite Eneme Don

Nigeria is a blessed Nation. Whatever it will take to make Nigeria a better place to live has been given to us by the almighty God. Nigeria still remains the best place to live, despite the high rate of corruption, Political instability, Hardship, crisis, unemployment, social immorality, kidnappings and killing here and there.

Nigeria of our dream is a Nigeria where there will be; constant light, employment for all, absolute peace, unity, love and Harmony among all irrespective of our religious, cultural background and beliefs.

Can this “Nigeria of Our Dream” possible? Yes, this Nigeria of our Dream is very much possible. It depends on you, your will and your decision.

It begins from the minor society (family), within you. It starts by having the right attitude and values towards Nigeria and Nigerians. It involves sacrifices, thinking of what you can do for Nigeria and not what you can gain. Voting the right people into government and stop mortgaging the destiny of our generation irrespective of our political and religious affiliation.

Nigeria will be great if we make it great. If we stop every form of bribing and corruption within us, in the church, in the school, in place of work, and in the society at large.

We must start now, Delay is dangerous, before it is too late. It begins within you and it starts right now.

Is a politcal analyst
contact him via omajemite@gmail.comcom

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