What can Dr. Cairo Ojugboh offer?


Who is this Dr. Cairo Ojugboh?  What can he  offer?
This is a very big and technical question that can only be answered by himself and those who knew him for the past few years.

Right from the very first day the news broke out that He finally decamped from PDP to APC, his name has been the talk of the town.  Anywhere you go Cairo this, Cairo that.

According to the PDP family, Dr. Cairo Ojugboh is of no use to them, is a minus and he cannot even win his own ward. Yet they won’t let him have peace.
According to APC family, Dr. Cairo Ojugboh is a plus and has many things to offer in the liberation of Deltans from self afflicted colonialism.
They have conspired against him since he officially decamped from pdp. They have tried to instigate him against the APC Chairman. Many articles have been cooked against him since he decamped and broken the news of the BLANK BUDGET.

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If Dr. Cairo Ojugboh is a minus, a man who cannot win his own unit, why making news or crying for him? Also, how come did he won as a lawmaker to represent his people?

PDPs are scared of him, He is a political messiah, an activist, a liberator, the John sent to prepare the way for the coming of the Liberator.

The effort of Dr. Cairo Ojugboh is commendable, I urge him to stand fast in this journey of liberating Deltans from the hands of self afflicted colonialism.

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