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We’ll dismantle 1999 constitution by activating power of people as owners of sovereignties – Prof Akintoye

The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-chairman Determination’s

We'll dismantle 1999 constitution by activating power of people as owners of sovereignties - Prof Akintoye
, the leader of the , announced on Saturday that his party will lead the “dismantling of the corrupt 1999 constitution to end the unworkable unitary union it imposes and champion the process of self-determination by which sovereignty is returned to the constituent regions of the alliance.”

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Prof Akintoye stated this at a press conference held at the Ilana Omo Oodua Secretariat in Bodija, Ibadan, to mark the end of the 30-day period of consultations with elected officials from alliance territories following the initial 90-day period of NINAS’ Notice of Grave Constitutional Grievances issued against the Federal Government on December 16, 2020, adding that the group is continuing to work with the alliance.

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According to him, the dismantling is being carried out in such a way that the hijacked sovereignties of Nigeria’s trapped constituent components are automatically released, paving the way for an orderly transitioning arrangement that will see the emergence of Successor-institutional protocols based solely on the defunct Federation’s constituent components’ self-determination rights.

“While NINAS oversees the task of repealing the 1999 constitution, the constituent regional organizations/initiatives will midwife the creation of cohesive regional charters/constitutions that will serve as the foundation for UN-SC mandated self-determination referendums to end the failed Lugardian experiment of 1914,” says the statement.



“In the difficult debates and dialogues arising from the Constitutional Force Manure proclamation of December 16, 2020, NINAS has activated what the world refers to as peoples power, which is essentially machinery of the people of Nigeria to peacefully ease out the unworkable, imposed unitary constitution of Nigeria 1999 and to distil successor-constitutional arrangements anchored on the unfettered s

“Let it be known that, in response to interventions by people of goodwill from inside and outside Nigeria, including foreigners sympathetic to Nigerians’ harrowing plight, NINAS will, in the interests of our people, be willing to reopen the window dialogue and engagement with the two tiers of government in Nigeria if they show up during the 120-day period consultations with them,”

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He stressed that, in what appeared to be a choreographed response to NiNAS grand propositions, agents of the Federal and State governments of Nigeria attempted to misrepresent and criminalise the straightforward self-determination movement of the aggrieved constituent component blocs of the troubled Federation of Nigeria in order to create a false narrative around the campaign.


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