Couple dies on the same day after celebrating wedding anniversary


Only a few months after celebrating their 61-year , a couple passed away on the same day

– Peter and Ruth Bedford died within nine hours of each other on Monday, May 14

– In the many happy years they had together, the couple had three children and two grandchildren

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A New Zealand couple had a love story we thought was only real in movies. After a marriage of 61 years, the couple died on the same day.

Both 86, Peter and Ruth Bedford both passed away on May 14, after being married for over 60-years. According to reports, the aged couple died within only nine-hours of each other.

Although it was sad to lose both her parents on one day, their daughter Caroline Bedford said it was “good they went together”, adding they “would have been completely lost without each other.”

According to Bedford, her father was admitted to the hospital on evening of Saturday, May 12 , but it was her mother who passed away first on Monday, May 14.

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“I think Mum decided he wasn’t coming back. She died at 10am, and I got a message to Dad. He followed her about nine hours later,” she said.

Their love story started when Peter moved to Wellington in New Zealand. It was there where he met the woman he’d spend the rest of his life with.

Bedford described her father as a rural man and her mom as an intellectual woman, who later went on to become a law clerk.

Despite having their differences, the two enjoyed the simple things in life together, such as music and going to concerts.

“Mum had a philosophical, intellectual brain and she loved to debate. And Dad was a big thinker too.”, she explained, adding her late parents loved animals and gardening.

According to reports, the couple was very loved in the Kaikohe community located in New Zealand, where they resided since 1980.

Prior to moving to the community, the family lived in the rural areas of Manawatu.

“They were very rural people. Well, Dad was. Mum liked the arts and socialising,” she said, adding, “They were both fiercely independent. But very kind and helpful, especially in their community.”

The couple left behind their three children- Michael, Simon and Caroline, and two grandchildren.

“My Grandad didn’t speak much, but when he spoke people listened.”, said Bedford’s 31-year-old daughter, Cadence.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.




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