Gov Ifeanyi and Great Ovedje Ogboru
Gov Ifeanyi and Great Ovedje Ogboru

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Less than 80 hours to the long awaited change the people of Delta state craves for, PDP and their agents have gone viral with a cheap rotational propaganda that’s meant to give them sympathy votes that they don’t deserve, the Good people of Delta state is not going to bow to such blackmail being employed by these wasters of our common resource.

We the Indigenous People of Niger Delta (IPND) Delta state chapter have come in contact with a few of their trending posts, such gibberish among the benefactors of the looting spree the PDP has embarked upon for 20years are spreading, despicably doing such with none iota of respect for these people they’ve taken for a ride all alongside for their political beneficial properties, flaunting their rights of entitlement. We did some visitations and consultations yesterday, we had been shocked to discover out that that is the techniques PDP has employed, we thought it was solely on social media, just when we thought they can’t go any lower, shameful, a sitting Government should be telling it’s people about her accomplishments instead of asking for sympathy votes and a feeling of entitlement.

IPND is utilizing this medium to call on the good people of Delta state to put apart their differences and come out en Masse to vote for Great Ovedje Ogboru of the APC as governor come Saturday 09/03/2019
It’s time for us to choose a person of credibility over mediocrity and entitlement. We can not afford to gamble our future away by sitting idly by, we all have a stake Delta state must be great once more.

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The want for Delta state to be related to the highest can’t be over emphasised, Delta state is simply too vital to be perceived as opposition to this hurricane that’s sweeping out all corrupt components within the political realm of Nigeria politics, let’s put apart politics of bitterness and sentiments, let’s work with a person with a imaginative and prescient to liberate us from these monsters that has played god over us, political gargantuars that has held us down for much too long with no meaningful improvement. 20 years of misrule should come to an end come 09/03/2019. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

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PDP is taking undue benefit by taking part in their sentimental playing cards to grab another undeserved four years to loot whatever that is left of Delta State, to nail the coffin lastly and switch Delta state into a grave yard. We say no to looting of our common wealth, we are saying no to under-developement, we are saying no to Government home racketeering, we are saying no to corruption.

Dovwebayire Alex.
Ag: President (IPND) Delta State.


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