By Omajemite Don

We believe that the quality of leadership exists in its most natural form among equals, it is not the same as domination or exercise of power. True leaders respect the integrity of others, as the art of leadership is to work with the natural gain of the particular word of humanity which comes to hand relying on purpose which is the keystone in the temple of achievements.

Thou a weak foundation frustrates the work built on it, as nothing is more just than what is necessary. The Delta state Divine Settlement 2019 is sacrosanct, as the people are ready to give away the last of their soul in order not to be forced to witness how much they have given away already in the quest for a priggish welfarist in the state come 2019 which is possible at the congress with the enthronement of a purposeful and credible leadership from the grassroot to the highest level in Delta state APC.

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The Divine Settlement 2019 in Delta state is a business that the APC in Delta should conduct with scrupulous attention, not to be left for troops of monkeys, collection of blockheads and sleep walkers. As the cumbersome task requires intelligence as a beneficial tools rather than mephistopnelian and desperate acts by some members in the APC exco and leadership whose business or purposes has been recreation rather than winning elections.

Chinua Achebe in Anthills of the Savannah pointed that “the most awful thing about power is not that it corrupt absolutely but that it makes people so utterly boring, so predictable… ” which we are not surprise with the attitude of some principal officers in the Delta state APC led exco and leadership showing their non-chivalrous drive towards politics which crumbs us to ask whether or not this people can ever desire to live a non-coven life that will make them win elections or are they ever comfortable been opposition in the state?

We strongly believe in the Delta 2019 as billion weight observers and mobiliser’s because the people are ever ready to do what is needed only if they are assured by the APC leadership of non- debaucheries acts. According to a US cleric and abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) noted that “greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength” which we believe is embedded in unity and proper free and fair congress at all level rather than notorious writing of kangaroo mosquitoes list across the state by some persons – it will not work! Because any attempt or act to subvert a free and fair congress within the state will be rejected thunderously with strong resistance due to the fact that anybody seeking or interested in any position within the party especially Delta state must gain his/her legitimacy from the people because sovereignty belongs to the people from whom any authority derives it’s legitimacy from be it a political party. Gone are those days people bear title for ceremonial functions, as its trite that only people who are determined to WIN elections without compromising or selling out collective interest are and will be vested with piloting and coordinating the affairs of our great party across board in other to achieve greatness come 2019 – enough of mangle madness.

We wish to state here that those promoters and champions of notorious and obnoxious list writing across Delta state APC are well known with their full identity exposed in the open domain and their vacuity for elections except for only their personal aggrandizement and individualistic aura has been judicially noticed. We have already aptly notified notable persons, relevant agencies, authorities, observers, NGOs within local and international communities as we watch them on their 1952 strategy of politics because those who still dwells in strategy of 1952 politics are obsolete and unaware that we are in 2018 with politics digitalized, as we advice them that those list should be more useful as tissue paper in the toilet because anything short of a free and fair congress will not be rosy.

Thou we are not surprised at the cavortish movement across the state with writing of nefarious and obnoxious list for the APC congress by the water hyacinth ill-cultured governorship aspirant because that was the cumulonimbus style Otega Emerhor took in substituting the landmark appointment bestowed on Barr. Fred Latimore by President Buhari as Chairman NITT, for his co-inlaw John Ejovwoke Onojeharho who worked in Standard Alliance Properties, Lagos make us even wonder and questioned whether or not Otega Emerhor hand is free and far from cuneiform on this nefarious and obnoxious list? Putting in mind the adage that’s say no amount of rainfall can ever wash away the black spots on the leopard skin. Furthermore, the fact that those writing illegal list for the APC across the state whose sesquipedalianist techniques are tied to opposition leadership and failing elections even to their polling units, should take caution because APC is the ruling party in 2019 for Delta state whether they like it or not.

However, the continuous and alarming rate of people decamping from Pdpig to APC within the state due to congress is flabbergasted which we believe are products of the Pdpig moles and scripters within the party. Putting in cognizance the statement credited to Chief Cyril Ogodo one of Otega’s stooges and puppet unbehalf of Delta APC on non-endorsements of H.E Adams Oshiomole shows high level of rascality and never readiness to win elections on the path of the Delta APC exco and leadership especially at a perilous timing with 2019 in mind, when Delta APC needs like never before the rich and fertile wealth of experience of a man who has won elections in recent times to pull the needed momentum to succeed in 2019 leaves no doubt that the APC exco and leadership owns an unreserved apologia to the members because such act has proof beyond all reasonable doubts that they the exco and leadership in Delta state are never interested in winning elections, which must be corrected at the congress. Due to showing high level of shambolic zeal for power and titles for ceremonial functions which exposes lack of credibility and political lacunas on decisiveness with core in playing head and tail politics of personal aggrandizement for portfolios.

Thou we believe that people are entitled to their own opinion but a situation where opinion are portray as collective opinion without affirmations is what we jettisoned vehemently. That some exco and leaders in Delta APC rejects H. E Adams Oshiomole is their headache and fever because we believe the national convention delegates will be products of a free and fair ward, l.g.a and state congress expect what APC delta exco and leadership are saying through Cyril Ogodo statement is that they have already devised and perfected measures to subvert a free and fair congress across the state. However, we wish to pave the indulgence of Delta APC exco and leadership that how about if H.E Adams Oshoimole emerges as a sole candidate for chairmanship unopposed due to unforeseen circumstances, what becomes of their calculations?

Politics is not a game of age, it is a game of broad and matured minds irrespective of age, as we besiege all party faithful to be law abiding and participate enmass at the congress to elect popular and credible persons that will not sell-out at the ward, l.g.a and state level during elections for the actualization of Divine Settlement 2019 Insha Allah. However any act or attempt of intimidation, subversion and murdering of free and fair congress in any form either by writing and using nefarious list or otherwise at the ward, l.g.a or state should be matched with all force of rejection because we cannot afford to stay in opposition come 2019 – take it to the bank any person or group involved in such acts of nefarious writing or subverting free and fair congresses irrespective of who, be it leader or follower would be dealt with stricto-senso for the pro Bono publico within and outside the party.

God bless All progressive Congress
God bless Delta state
God bless Nigeria


Director Strategy and Mobilization
Grassroot Mobiliser’s for Buhari
Delta state chapter



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