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Buhari's Independence messages to Nigerians


We celebrate Nigeria @59 for remaining a united country despite every prediction that it will disintegrate. It survived the military insurrection of 1966 and the civil war that followed with all the attendant consequences. And in all these trying times it was the resilience of the masses of the country and the proactive role of the media that helped in sustaining this country as a united entity. We salute the Nigerian media and the masses of this country for keeping faith with the project- Nigeria, for this long.

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Although in the nation’s 59 years of existence as a sovereign entity, it had experienced so much conflicts and violence, terrorism, armed banditry, kidnappings, farmers-herders clashes, but it withered these storms.

Nigeria has proved to the world that such may not necessarily be a predictor of national collapse, even with the implicit and blanket indictment of its political class by the leading nations of the West. The NUJ wishes therefore to appeal to the nation’s leaders to use this occasion to reflect and assess our long march as an independent nation and correct areas where we have not done well as expected.

It is regrettably that Nigeria at 59 had virtually abdicated its responsibility to its citizens who are forced to provide security for life and property, to provide basic requirements like water and electricity, and other amenities and to provide education and health for their families. And while the march to democracy yet remains flawed as elections were always manipulated even before election days, corruption has continued unabated to deplete the much needed resources.

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As we celebrate Nigeria at 59, we urge Nigerian Journalists to remain pivotal as they had always been, in providing the supportive encouragement for Nigeria’s movement towards greater national unity and stability.

Shuaibu Usman Leman
Walin Shadalafiya
National Secretary


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