Lai Mohammed Boast, “We know where Bandits are, Only Being Careful”


“We know where Bandits are, only being careful To Avoid Casualties”

Nigerians have been told by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, that the Federal Government is dealing with the country’s insecurity crisis.

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He dismissed claims made in some quarters that the government was clueless, saying that the results of the government’s efforts would be visible soon.

According to a tweet, the minister spoke at a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday.

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“It is no longer news that our dear nation faces security challenges,” he said. However, I’ve read tweets claiming that the federal government is frustrated and unsure how to address the problems. Some have also advocated for the abolition of the political order, which is evidently treasonous.

“Well, I am here today to remind all Nigerians that, while the government recognises the security challenges we face at this time, ranging from terrorism to abduction, banditry, and farmer-herder conflict, it is not overwhelmed and, as you will see in the days ahead, has the wherewithal to confront the challenges head on and restore law and order, stability, and security.

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According to Mohammed, the government does know where kidnappers are hiding out, and security forces are only being cautious to prevent civilian casualties.

“Using coercion against one’s own citizens is one of the most difficult things for a freely elected government to do. While the nation’s military has superior weaponry against the ragtag band of Boko Haram and ISWA, terrorists most often operate among the population, either in our villages or cities, so the military is vigilant to prevent collateral damage when dealing with them.

“Kidnappers who kidnap our schoolchildren face the same fate. While security forces are usually aware of the kidnappers’ position, they must exercise caution in order to avoid harming the children they are attempting to rescue. Despite these impediments, the security forces have the capability to deal with the challenges decisively,” he said.

He described the attacks on security agencies in some parts of the world as “a declaration of war.”


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