Watch video of Will Smith slapping MC Chris Rock for bad joke at 2022 OSCARS

Will smith assaulting Chris Rocks
Will smith assaulting Chris Rocks

Full video of Will Smith slapping MC Chris Rock for a bad joke at the 2022 Academy Award has emerged


Chris Rock got the bejesus slapped out of him by none other than Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars.

Smith ran onto the stage at Dolby Theatre and punched Rock in the face after Rock joked that he couldn’t wait to see Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith in “GI Jane 2.”

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Insane and bloodthirsty Will Smith stole the show at the Oscars, which were otherwise dull.

Will Smith’s tumultuous year: From sex-life revelations to wild Oscars outbursts, there’s something for everyone.

For several seconds, the audio was cut and censored, but captions indicated that the “King Richard” star said “keep my wife’s name out of your f – – king mouth.” This appears to be confirmed by audio from the uncensored Australian broadcast.

Rock had made a joke about Pinkett being in the fake action film because of her bald head before Smith whopped the comedian’s behind.

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She had previously stated that she suffers from alopecia, or hair loss.

After a punch from Chris Rock, Will Smith wins Best Actor Oscar for ‘King Richard.’
“I had no idea this year’s Oscar would be the most exciting ever,” Sean says. “Diddy,” said Combs afterward. “We’re going to solve that like family at the goal party right now we’re moving on with love,” Will says.


Smith was consoled by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry during the commercial break after the seemingly unscripted viral moment, according to The Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg. Smith appeared to wipe tears from his face as the men motioned for him to turn the other cheek.

Smith then took a seat beside his wife, while Washington consoled them. He later revealed in his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award that the actor gave him sound advice.

Will Smith slaps MC Chris Rock for bad joke at the 2022 Oscars

“At the highest point, Denzel (Washington) warned me, ‘Be careful — that’s when the devil comes for you.’ It’s as if I want to be a love vessel.”

Despite this, Twitter was taken aback by the viral moment, with many fans immediately expressing their feelings in the aftermath of the segment. One user wrote, “Okay….WHAT JUST HAPPENED WITH THAT WILL AND CHRIS THING #Oscars.”

“We won’t talk about Bruno,” another added, “but we do need to talk about Will and Chris?” What the hell happened? #Oscars#Oscars2022.”

“I’m sitting right here and I thought that was scripted,” one fan commented. That wasn’t scripted, oh my god, what’s the storey with Will and Chris?!??? #Oscars”

“After what just happened between Will and Chris Rock, Jaws are on the floor here at Neons #Oscars party,” someone wrote.

“How are they going to have a gospel segment after what just happened with Will and Chris?” one joked. Following the wild moment, the telecast’s In Memoriam segment was shown.

“After Will and Chris’s mess, the Oscars had to bring out the gospel singers #oscars,” one user said.

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Source : New York Post



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