Wakili Was Too Powerful For Police So We Went After – OPC Gives More Details

Wakili Was Too Powerful For Police So We Went After - OPC Gives More Details
  • has becomes so powerful for the  Nigerian Police to Arrest. 
  • The Arrest of Iskilu Wakili has brought calmness to the Southwest part of Nigeria
  • Bandits have Released Video of 39 Missing Students being Flogged

Mr Rotimi Olumo, the Coordinator of the Odua People’s Congress in Oyo State, said his men pursued Fulani warlord Iskilu Wakili because he was too powerful for the police to apprehend.

During an interview with PUNCH, Olumo stated that the police went to Wakili’s camp but were unable to do anything.

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“He prevented farmers from going to their farms, and people began making appeals to the police and the government to help them flush Wakili out of the area,” he said, adding that no one could challenge him.

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“There was a time when the governor (Seyi Makinde) deployed the Amotekun corps in Ayete, but they couldn’t stop Iskilu. Ayete is about a three-hour trek from Iskilu’s camp. Which Amotekun will be the first to enter? Even Operation Burst was dispatched to the location, but they were powerless to stop the man.”

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He went on to say that because Wakili was too powerful for the cops to handle, OPC members took it upon themselves to apprehend him, regardless of the consequences.

“Because of Iskilu, the people of Ibarapa, particularly in villages like Kajola, Konko, and others, were unable to go to their farms and were hungry. That is what compelled our members and vigilantes in Ibarapa to go after him, regardless of the consequences.

“They trekked there, and Iskilu Wakili’s men opened fire on them as soon as they saw them. They forgot, however, that “while some people made metal objects, others made magnets.” The guns used by Wakili’s men were made by white people, but Yoruba people made ‘bulletproof’ guns. As a result, the gunshots fired by Wakili’s men had no effect on our members. Wakili fled as the shootings continued, but he was apprehended, and our men arrested three people along with him.”

“If you remember, about two months ago, one of our brothers, Chief Sunday Igboho, went to Igangan to warn the Seriki Fulani there that the insecurity in the area had become unbearable,” he said, describing what led to the capture of Wakili. He went there and told him he had seven days to leave. But as soon as Igboho did so, it was like stirring up a hornet’s nest, and the herdsmen began boasting about how they would avenge.

“After Seriki had left town, Wakili began boasting that they could track him down, but no one could catch him. We were perplexed that such a man would dare to say such a thing in our country. We couldn’t understand why an alleged kidnapper would make such a boast in our own country. Have you ever heard of a Yoruba man torturing them like that in the North and boasting that no one could touch him?

“We were surprised, but it’s possible because these people were given far too much leeway to operate without oversight. The people of Ibarapa have suffered far too much at the hands of criminal herders. After working in Germany, Dr. Fatai Aborode returned to Nigeria and invested heavily in agriculture. He did this to provide jobs for local youths, and many of them worked on his farm. He was killed because he refused to let the herdsmen destroy his farms unchecked, and he reported anyone who did so to the police. That was the reason for his death. Alhaja Sherifat, the owner of a gas station, was also killed. Many other unpopular people were killed, some were maimed, and women were raped on their farms.

“For a long time, Iskilu Wakili was said to have tormented the people. Wakili was invited by the traditional ruler of Ayete, but he never showed up; it was that bad. The Odomofin, one of Ayete’s high chiefs and the owner of the land that Wakili is illegally occupying, sent people to deliver a letter of invitation to him so that they could talk and resolve the issue; Wakili was alleged to have opened fire on all of them; some of them are still receiving treatment.”

Meanwhile Bandits who Abducted both make and female student in Kaduna State  have Released Video of 39 Missing Students being Flogged



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