Vlogger accuses her ex-husband of being gay

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that a Vlogger accuses her ex-husband of being gay and cancelling their marriage just 12 hours after they got married.

Chioma Igbojekwe claims that her ex proposed to her exactly three years ago, and she agreed, believing that he was “God sent” because he is a music director.

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She alleges, however, that he told her it was over just 12 hours after their wedding.

She claimed she later realised he is gay and has been married to a man in the United Kingdom for years. She further claimed that before marrying her, her ex showed her image to his purported gay lover to get his approval.

Her message drew some criticism from Facebook users, who accused her of levelling a false accusation on her ex-boyfriend.

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In response to her detractors, she wrote:

You’re all telling me to quit talking about him.I hope a H0m0 marries ur sister.May he leave ur sister on the wedding night and travel to the hotel to sleep with his [email protected] mates. May she never see her newly married husband when she wakes up.

He has the right to call off the wedding after 12 hours.

May she marry a [email protected] who has already been married to a [email protected] in London.


That’s what I’m saying. May U Marry a Man in London who has already married a [email protected]… I won’t upload him again unless you can say Amen to these prayers… ndiaraaaa.. Because it didn’t happen to you, you think you can give me advise by opening your mouth wide. Ewuuuz..

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Chioma Igbojekwe posted a three-hour film in 2021 describing how she arrived to the conclusion that her ex-boyfriend is gay. On Monday, April 25, she re-posted the video, revisiting the matter and calling her ex out.

That is the latest on Vlogger accuses her ex-husband of being gay


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