Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine War : latest update now

Putin humiliated as troops down weapons in massive collapse of Russian morale


Ejes Gist Newspaper understands that;

  • Russia has surrounded Mariupol, cutting it off from the rest of the world.
  • President Zelensky is pleading for more international assistance as the invasion enters its second week, and another round of talks between Ukraine and Russia is set to take place.
  • Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the International Criminal Court announced that it would open an investigation.
  • According to the United Nations, one million refugees have fled Ukraine in just one week.
  • Do you want to lend a hand? Here’s where you can find out how to help Ukraine’s humanitarian efforts.
  • New satellite images show the devastation wreaked on areas north of Kyiv by Russian military strikes.

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The US plan, according to Daleep Singh, President Joe Biden’s deputy national security adviser for international economics, is to degrade and downgrade Russia’s status as a major energy supplier.

The goal of the US and its allies’ multiple sanctions against Russia, he said, is to “put the pain on President Vladimir Putin and make sure Americans don’t pay.”

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Since last Thursday, when President Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, countries, particularly those in the West, have slammed Russia with a variety of sanctions.Russian military casualties in ukraine Confirmed for the 1st time , Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war

As the war enters its eighth day, there are growing fears that the financial consequences will be felt in the United States, particularly in the form of higher gas prices.

According to CNN, the United States has no “strategic interest” in reducing global energy supplies, a move that would “only raise gas prices for Americans and pad Putin’s profits.”

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Instead, he claims the strategy is aimed at “degrading and downgrading Russia’s status as a major energy supplier.”

“That’s really our goal,” the presidential adviser said of Joe Biden’s administration’s goal of reducing US consumption of Russian oil while maintaining global energy supplies.

  • Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine War



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