Viral Video: How Representative of Governor Was Booed at The Experience

VIRAL VIDEO: How Representative of Governor Was Booed at The Experience

Pastor Adefarasin expressed regret to the Lagos state government and advised youths to pray for their leaders.

Participants at The Experience 2021, a gospel music concert organized by of the House on the Rock Church, booed a representative of .

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The crowd could be seen booing, shouting, and making noise as Sanwo-representative Olu’s attempted to convey the governor’s message of unity and peace to the people of Lagos in a video circulating on social media.

During the 16th edition of the concert, held on Friday night at the Rock Cathedral in Lekki, many other attendees were seen pointing their thumb downwards as the Lagos official attempted to speak.

’s intervention was necessary to prevent the crowd from continuing their display of rage and disapproval of Governor Sanwo-representative Olu’s at the annual event.

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Pastor Adefarasin apologized to the Lagos state government and warned the youths to pray for the leader instead of acting in an unscriptural manner.

He said,

“The behaviour tonight is unscriptural. The Bible says, do all things without murmuring and complaining. The scripture enjoins us to pray for our leaders and those in authority.

“This behaviour is not scriptural and I must honestly caution us. You must never disrespect authority because they beat the sword. “I apologise to the leaders of Lagos state on your behalf.”

Watch the video below




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