[video] Two ladies disgraced themselves fighting over a man at the mall

[video] Two ladies disgraced themselves fighting over a man at the mall

Ladies don’t give a damn when a fight breaks out, especially if it’s over a male. Remember, men are few in this world, but every lady has her guy; this is the riddle that our ladies do not comprehend.

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There is no reason for women to fight over men, and there is no need for men to fight over women. It’s as simple as asking the lady to pick or asking a man to select. It is unnecessary for people to commit suicide or strip themselves over a guy or a lady.

Would you claim it was over love or ignorance if things became ugly to the point of death, and you were now in jail? Gender-based violence is primarily caused by such fights.

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People retaliate violently when they are betrayed. When a lady or a guy is discovered with another person, he or she has already made a decision, and the best thing to do is go. If you are not picked, don’t retaliate; a man or a woman should not be owned because they are not property.



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