VIDEO: Many Injured as PDP Platform Collapsed in Kebbi




A viral Video is currently trending in the media on how many PDP faithful sustain several injures as a result of collapsed platform.

According to a WhatsApp user who react to the viral Video said , God is already punishing PDP for all they did to Nigerians.

The reaction thous read;

Fellow Nigerians
Can’t you see and understand from this omen which just befell on the PDP in Kebbi that our Almighty God is trying to tell us something with this bad sign.

Imagine a party which can not manage a common stage or platform want to manage a complex country like Nigeria.
Please let them know now that this is not and can never be their time.

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It is better they repent and submit themselves to be governed than to kill themselves unnecessarily before they unknowingly perish for nothing sake.W hat a universal curse is this what our God has placed on this unfortunate PDP Thieves.
A word is Enough for the wise.



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