Victory for Nnamdi Kanu gathering momentum – Legal team

Nnamdi Kanu photos in Court

Nnamdi Kanu

The legal team for Nnamdi Kanu, the incarcerated leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, claimed on Tuesday that Kanu’s release was already gaining traction.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the IPOB’s principal counsel, delivered the statement in Owerri after meeting with Kanu at the Department of State Services’ (DSS) detention facility in Abuja last Monday.

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He claimed that the victory was inevitable because of the “gains recorded” at the Federal High Court in Abuja during the previous court appearance.

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“Our Court-Ordered routine visit to our amiable Client – Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was conducted on the 11th Day of April 2022,” he continued. Gains recorded in the last court appearance were acknowledged, commended, and consolidations on the gains towards the upcoming legal onslaught were reviewed accordingly.

“Onyendu was ecstatic to see such a large crowd of Ezigbo UmuChineke in the vicinity of the court during last Friday’s outing, as you all thronged in support.” He was visibly pleased and grateful.

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“Onyendu commended you all for your peaceful behaviour and solidarity.” He also extended his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who opted to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in solidarity, despite the economic loss that came with closing their various places of business on that special day.

“Onyendu recognises that these sacrifices are immeasurable, unequal, and enormous, and he is eternally grateful to you all.” This stage will shortly be over. Onyendu made it clear that your efforts are not taken lightly, and he prayed to God Almighty to amply bless you all and refill this massive contribution a thousandfold.”

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“Onyendu has no doubt that the coast is becoming clearer, and that his freedom will arrive in no time.” Onyendu implored everyone, including his fans, followers, and all Ezigbo UmuChineke, to be focused as their fight for his freedom gains traction.

“Be assured that your prayers are having a huge good influence. As a result, please do not give up or despair, Ezigbo UmuChineke, because the battle will inevitably end in victory. Onyendu praised Ezigbo UmuChineke once more for their outstanding display of discipline, fortitude, and sacrifice thus far, and urged you all to keep up the good work,” Ejiofor stated.


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