Country that borrows to service debt shouldn’t purchase N1.14b vehicles for Niger Republic – IPOB lawyer lambasts Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, Clause by Clause, Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2021, Signed by Buhari, Emerges

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, a member of the IPOB legal team, has criticised President Muhammadu for spending N1.14 billion on vehicles for the Niger Republic.

Ejiofor claimed that Nigeria shouldn’t be exhibiting this level of financial irresponsibility since the country is borrowing money from other nations to pay off her debt.

In a statement on Friday, he made this disclosure and referred to the donation of the cars as absurd and intolerable.

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Ejes Gist News reports that  Zainab Ahmed, the minister of finance, budget, and national planning, confirmed the purchase of the vehicles and defended it as being in the best interests of the country.

The declaration said, “The Nigerian government’s purchase of SUVs for use in another nation: utterly misplaced priority.

“After reading the trending news on the aforementioned topic and the managers of one of the most corrupt nations in the world attempting in vain to defend the obvious, I was astounded.

Where did we come from? What atrocities committed by our ancestors led to this degree of wickedness and disregard for us?

“An unprecedented degree of plagues every area of Nigeria. Even Abuja, the alleged capital of Nigeria, is unsafe. Due to their inadequate equipment, security personnel are regularly decimated by terrorists and criminals.

“The majority of Nigerian security formations continue to struggle with their flimsy Hilux vans or vehicles while carrying out their official duties.

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‘Who did this to us?’ How can a nation that is borrowing money from other nations to pay off its debt be involved in this level of irrational and shady financial behaviour?

It is past due for the government and public officials to be held responsible for the positions they hold.



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