The US Speaks on  Setting Up Hotlines For Reporting Buhari’s Govt Atrocities.

The US embassy in Nigeria claims it has not established hotlines to report crimes committed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime. It slammed a social media post claiming that it had established designated phone numbers for reporting terrorism and government abuses in Nigeria as a hoax.

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On May 4, it was discovered that a Twitter account known as “Helper” posted a tweet on the timeline claiming that the US Department of State has set up hotlines in Nigeria for reporting terrorism and government abuses.

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Two phone numbers supposedly belonging to the US Department of State were posted by the Twitter user, who has over 6,000 followers. The lines, according to the handler, were set up for Nigerians to contact and report “government terrorism and atrocities.”

As of Friday morning, 850 users had retweeted the message, which had 572 likes and 83 comments.


People were also encouraged to retweet the post extensively. “For Nigerian issues, contact the US Department of State at +1 202 647 6575 or +1 202 647 3469. The phone numbers listed above are for reporting our suffering to the Nigerian terrorist government in Washington, DC,” according to the account.

The “Helper,” according to its Twitter bio, backs the Eastern Security Network (ESN), which was founded by the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

The post has also gone viral on Whatsapp, with individuals being asked to save the number and report any killings in the country to the US. “The State Department of the United States of America. For Nigerian issues, dial +1 202 647 6575 or +1 202 647 3469. The WhatsApp message stated, “Save these numbers.”

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“ISIS, al Qaeda operatives, and secret Boko Haram agents associated to attacks on indigenous people or villages in Nigeria will be of interest to the US State Department if you phone these numbers to report any atrocities committed by the Nigerian government or acts of terrorism known to you or by ISIS, al Qaeda operatives, and secret Boko Haram agents.

“Nigerians from the south, Please put your phones to use. Share this post with all persons from the Middle Belt and South Nigeria, Biafra, Yoruba, and other ethnic groups in the UK, Nigeria, and the United States. God bless you for your patriotism.”


In response to the article, The embassy branded the material circulating on social media as a hoax in a tweet posted on the US Mission in Nigeria’s Twitter page.

The material purportedly coming from the US Department of State, according to Jeanne Clark, spokesperson for the US Mission in Nigeria, is “false.”

“In the United States, there are no public calling lines available for these alleged purposes,” Clark said.

“While the United States remains committed to preserving human rights in Nigeria and around the world, we do not use a system like to that described in the disinformation you cite.”


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