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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home Metro News US-based Nigerian Man Beats Fulani Herdsman Who Kidnapped Him to Coma

US-based Nigerian Man Beats Fulani Herdsman Who Kidnapped Him to Coma

US-based Nigerian Man Beats Fulani Herdsman Who Kidnapped Him to Coma

A U.S.-based Nigerian man who came back to the country to have a good time with his loved ones had a hell of a kidnapping encounter.

According to a report by Punch, it was found that the United States of America-based Nigerian allegedly escaped from the kidnappers’ den after turning the heat against one of his captors and beating him to a pulp.

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The man, known simply as Chinweizu, was said to have been abducted along with an unidentified woman on Akara Isuikwuato Road in Abia State. It was reported that on February 3, 2021, at around 3 pm, the kidnappers, suspected of being Fulani herdsmen, seized the duo and took them into the forest.

While inside the bush, a source near Chinweizu said, three of the abductors left the male victim with one of their armed colleagues and took the young woman away to possibly rape her.

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“But when he turned his back on him, Chinweizu was said to have attacked the abductor. The source, who preferred not to be mentioned, said, “He (Chineweizu) kicked the abductor from behind and picked his gun and used it’s butt to hit the gang member’s eyes continuously until the white part of one of the eyes almost popped out.

The source, who preferred anonymity, said that members of the kidnapper’s gang left the young woman when they heard their colleague’s cry and rushed to help him. Stated the source.

But before they could get there, after inflicting a serious injury on one of the abductors, who is a Fulani man, the kidnapped victim was gone. “He (Chinweizu) also took away the gun from the kidnapper.” He told the Army about the matter and said the kidnappers would rush their colleague to the nearest hospital.

Some of the hospitals were informed of the development and the kidnappers came to one of the hospitals on the same day with their injured colleague.”They were rounded up immediately.” The victim was called upon to identify them before security operatives took them away.

The storey of how Chinweizu escaped from the abductors’ camp was corroborated by another source in Isuikwuato. “The source said, “An Ahaba man and a woman of unconfirmed origin were kidnapped.

In the heart of the forest, both were taken to their camp.”The man disarmed and wounded one of his captors and escaped, while the others were trying to rape the captive woman.” The rape was disrupted by the cry of the disarmed kidnapper and the two victims escaped in different directions.” Today, three of the kidnappers came to Ahaba junction for the injured kidnapper’s medical attention.”

Unknown to them, a trap had been set and in time, soldiers and policemen arrived and took them away.” Confirming the incident, the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the suspected kidnappers seized Chinweizu and a woman after they had shot a 63-year-old man dead.



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