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Veteran To Buhari: You Are The Real Terrorist. 

, according to I. J. Onuigbo, a US war veteran and human rights activist, does not deserve to be a leader because he hates the Igbo people.

Her statement follows the Nigerian ’s recent arrest and extradition of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

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Buhari, according to Onuigbo, is a “true terrorist” who ignores the operations of Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen while employing force against those resisting tyranny of the Igbo people.

Buhari, she said, has a deep hatred for Igbo people and has refused to learn from leaders of advanced countries where he travels for medical treatment.

“I am amazed that Buhari knows how to catch terrorists,” she stated. I can’t believe Buhari knows how to catch terrorists, yet it appears that Buhari just knows how to catch Igbo terrorists.

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“Why haven’t you apprehended the terrorists in your own backyard, Buhari? Boko Haram and Fulani herders are constantly rampaging and killing people in Nigeria, yet you abandoned them to go overseas to apprehend a terrorist, someone you believe is a terrorist because he is Igbo.

“Anyone from another tribe can be a terrorist, but not an Igbo; you despise Igbos. You have no right to be president, Buhari, because you are a terrorist!

“You terrorise Igbo people; you are a terror to Igbo people. Igbos travel about Nigeria on tiptoes, not in confidence or tranquilly, because they are terrified of what Buhari might do, because the only time you act like a president is when it involves an Igbo individual. You despise Igbos. You cannot be a leader, let alone a president, if you harbour such hatred in your heart.

“I am urging Nigerians to rise up and speak out against Buhari’s atrocities against Ndigbo. It’s not acceptable. We cannot be free or calm in our own country because Buhari is president and despises the Igbo people.

“My rage is not directed at the fact that he apprehended Nnamdi Kanu, whom he believes is a terrorist; rather, it is directed at the fact that he apprehended him. My rage stems from the fact that Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen have been operating in his backyard; he will turn a blind eye when Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen slaughter hundreds of thousands of people in his backyard; we will not hear Buhari’s voice; you will be unaware that Nigeria has a president.

“However, because Nnamdi Kanu is based outside of Nigeria, Buhari launched a coordinated campaign to creatively apprehend him. Why hasn’t Buhari made the same effort to apprehend Boko Haram and herders, who are killing people across Nigeria and in his own backyard?

“What Buhari does is he provides amnesty and rehabilitation to Boko Haram terrorists. He will claim that they require amnesty and rehabilitation, and that they would be given money and placed in the Nigerian army, where they will continue to murder and torture people.

“But Nnamdi Kanu has been battling for the freedom of Ndigbo, the freedom of Biafrans from this type of wickedness, despite his frailty, and Buhari has just justified what Nnamdi has been fighting for.

“Nnamdi has been striving to secede from Nigeria because the Nigerian constitution and system oppress the Igbo people, on top of Buhari’s personal hatred for the Igbo people, on top of an oppressive Constitution against the Ndigbo.

”Buhari has a special hatred for Ndigbo as an individual, and then he becomes President, that’s double peril, and you can now see that special hatred by what has happened.

“He will turn a blind eye to all the local terrorists, Boko Haram, Fulani herders, bandits, and bandits killing people every day, causing unrest and insecurity in Nigeria, but Kanu, who lives in London, Buhari used his energy to go and apprehend Nnamdi Kanu, what is the difference? Because Nnamdi Kanu is Igbo, but Boko Haram and Fulani herders are his kinsmen, he abandons them to slaughter Nigerians, sowing fear and instability, yet he will travel over seven oceans and into the desert to apprehend an Igbo guy fighting for his people’s independence.

“Do you see that Buhari is a terrorist, that he has no business being president, that a president should be a leader for all, regardless of whether he likes them or not?” Why can’t you see how other countries operate? If he hates someone, he’s not meant to display it as a leader.

“If you get sick, Buhari, you go to other Western countries for medical care, and you observe how well they work, but you will not learn from them. You simply bring that stone-age, uncivilised spirit about with you and return to Nigeria to continue persecuting Ndigbo. Ndigbo may be powerless, and you may believe you can do whatever you want, but there is a greater force at work.”

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