by Timi Coleman FHNR

I join the world to celebrate an indefatigable leader, a rare gem, the builder of delta APC, who has done so much to put the party in the centre of attraction. I heard a loud clap of hands down the stream of my poetic consciousness. It was an ovation where music was piped through words. Loud in the hall, laughter and songs. To the sound of all harps, the singer chanted. The moon, sun, stars and clouds obeyed to adore the moment of life. How the Almighty had made the earth. How he set triumphant sun and moon to lighten all men that live on earth. He brightened the land with leaves and branches. Harps in different melodies.  Harps only played at Christ triumphant entry.  The whole atmosphere was crowded. Like the Biblical Zacheus, l climbed through the crowd. Many cried out “Lord save us from PDP oppression Olorogun Otega save us from the shackles of PDP oppression and bring us to limelight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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